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Quote of the Week

It is a sin to believe evil of others, 
but it is seldom a mistake.
                                              -- H.L. Mencken

~ October 29, 2014 ~

From the Dumbass Cops, Lawyers, & Judges Dept.

Here are a few quickie headlines from October related to the country's terrifying decline into fascism


Joe Arpiao has heartburn to learn that his dishonest deputies are shaking down illegal immigrants.


Firing squad of fat-ass Michigan cops executes disturbed homeless man wielding pen-knife -- 
cops too cowardly, too stupid to talk Milton Hall down, or at least taze him or shoot him in the leg. 
Michigan expresses no regrets - Hall was black and this is America. Move along. 

Video 1    Video 2

Joe Farrow clearly the wrong man for commissioner of 
California Highway Patrol as more salacious corruption surfaces


Here   Here   Here  

Georgia grand jury hopes to avoid multi-million dollar lawsuit against their county, 
refuses to indict moron SWATs who threw grenade into baby's crib 

  Original Story

DA Tim Harris trying to bury evidence that may show he buried evidence in 1994 murdered baby case -- Harris, detective, Mike Cook, and blood analyst, Ann Morris suspected of conspiracy to send innocent mother to prison 


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