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Quote of the Week

It is a sin to believe evil of others, 
but it is seldom a mistake.
                                              -- H.L. Mencken

~ November 21, 2014 ~


From LogoPhere's moron cops 
in the news dept. . . 


Sick pedophile ex-WA state cop, Johnny McCullough, 
busted for killing 7 yo Maria Ridulph 55 years ago


  • The sicko's mother knew it all the time -- gave death-bed confession

  • "The original investigation was afflicted by policy dysfunction and incompetence."

  • Sentenced to (what's left of his) life

  • Article by Dan Bates, DailyMail


Cops in Pismo Beach, CA beat the pudding out of Andrea Starr 
because she was having a seizure, then they pile on charges against her

  • Epileptic woman called 911 as she was having seizure

  • Unable to respond to cops when they arrived so they "beat her into submission" for resisting arrest

  • Then they charged her with battery against cops, resisting, public intoxication

  • Article by John Vibes, The Free Thought Project


Freaking cretinous cops in Winter Haven, FL carry out lockdown 
exercise on middle school with live ammo and no advance warning

  • Cops burst into classrooms with weapons drawn

  • Teachers and students at Jewett Middle School thought this was the end

  • Students texted their folks, and their folks thought it was the end

  • Afterward parents get Email saying -- No big deal, just like a fire drill. 

  • Dolt police chief Charlie Bird says these types of drills are vital for cop training, now re-assessing that idiot statement and the training.

  • Story at RT 


  •  Jacquelyn Moore, moron principal, is suspended for "lack of good judgment" according to Kathryn LeRoy, superintendent

  • LeRoy should be suspended for gross understatement

  • Story at HuffPo



California using prison slave labor to fight forest fires -- 
refuses to obey federal court order to reduce prison crowding

  • CA prisons ruled unconstitutional in 2010

  • Brown has refused to obey court orders

  • Prisons need the inmate labor -- at $2 per DAY!!

  • Minimum security prisoners needed to fight forest fires

  • 13th Amendment says slavery is OK for those convicted of a crime

  • Story by Nicole Flatow, ThinkProgress


New Jersey pedophile cop busted for un-zipping on traffic busts

  • Newton pervert cop Jason Miller busted for exposing himself to men he pulled over

  • Upon reviewing video evidence "it appears that Officer Miller's zipper is open and his genitals are exposed."

  • Bail -- $35,000

  • Dumb, sick, pervert cops . . . 'scuse me while I puke.

  • Story by Ben Horowitz, NJ.com




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