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Quote of the Month

In time of this grave national danger, when all excess income should go to win the war, no American citizen ought to have a net income, after he has paid his taxes, of more than $25,000 a year.
                                              -- F.D.R., Address to Congress, Apr27.1942

~ December 02, 2014 ~

In case you haven't heard . . . 

UN General Assembly overwhelmingly condemns Israel.

  • On Nov25.2014, by overwhelming margins the UN General Assembly passed 6 resolutions condemning GoI's land-grabs and treatment of Palestinians

  • The Western MSM, controlled by i-Jews, has buried the UN condemnation of GoI.  Again.

  • The USG stood with GoI against what is obviously world opinion as to what is right and just. Again.

Source: UN press release.

Homeless, destitute people being exploited, forced to work for free

  •  Tamapa case -- "Tampa homeless program uses unpaid, destitute residents as steady labor force, revenue source" -- to work the Buccaneers games.
  • UK case  -- UK Dept. for Work and Pensions forces man to work for free for the same company that fired him when downsizing. 

Obama turns out to be Big Pharma's bitch in the WH

  • Big Pharma profits 2013:  Pfizer $22 Bn, Merck $4.5 Bn, Eli Lilly $4.7 Bn

  • Cost of HIV treatment in S. Africa before India started producing generic drugs: $12,000 per patient per year.

  • Cost after India started producing the generics: $1 per patient per day.

  • Cost of Bayer's anti-cancer drug, Nexavar: $5,000/patient/month.

  • Cost of India's generic of the same drug: $157/patient/month.

  • Obama's response to India bringing down cost to poor of life-saving drugs: put India on USG's international trade blacklist.

  • .Obama's response to UN initiative to fund research into medicines in order to bring down prices: blocked the treaty.

  • This is the same Obama who has moaned because he says his mother's death was hastened because she could not afford insurance.  OK, she was white, so that makes it a tragedy.  Most destitute people in India or South Africa aren't white. 

Source:  Zach Carter, HuffPo, Nov30.14

There is only one "green" problem: too freaking many humans.  
That means there is only one solution for saving Earth: zero population growth.  
Will never happen, not even with WW-III

  • Not even a catastrophic event that kills 2 billion people would leave a blimp on the geometric population curve at this point.

  • If fertility rates are not brought under control soon, screw your carbon thresholds, they won't mean a thing.

  • Think of it this way: The human species is fucking itself into extinction.  In your present form you won't be around to suffer the horrible consequences, but if reincarnation is real, then you're as good as screwed on the cosmic re-bound. 

Source:  Steve Connor Independent Oct27.14

Kiki Ginsburg ID's the USSCt's worst decision

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg says Citizens United the one decision she would "overrule."  Source:  Jeffrey Rosen New Republic, Sep28.14

  • What about Kelo v New London, 2005, in which Kiki voted w/ majority that private developers can take a person's home under "eminent domain" and put up a parking lot if they want to?

  • What about Bennis v. Mich, 1997, in which Kiki voted w/ majority that cops can take an innocent person's property under civil forfeiture, even if the innocent person didn't even know there was a crime or that his/her property was used in the crime?

  • Obviously Ginsburg's memory is fading. 

  • Kiki has said she will stay on the bench until she drops, or until she beats her "hero" Louis Brandeis' record of 23 years -- it's a Jewish thing.  Never mind that by digging in until a new administration is sworn in she is almost guaranteeing a right-wing court for another 15 years.  



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