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There's considerable human nature in a man. 
                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ January 04, 2015 ~

A way to identify the assholes in the NYPD?



We all know that NYC, like any other city or town in America, has some really good cops. Honest men and women doing the best they can to perform a difficult job -- wrapping the phrase "to serve and protect" around their self-identity like a religious vestment.  Unfortunately, religious vestments are not made of Kevlar, as Wenjian Liu and Rafel Ramos learned when they were gunned down in their cop car by Ismaaiyl Brinsely in Brooklyn on December 20.  We all mourn, and we all should mourn, when good cops are killed on duty. 

And then there is, as always, the antithesis of good cops. The unstable turds with government issued guns who are the bane of any free society.  The psychopaths and sociopaths with badges and spastic trigger fingers and well-practiced choke-holds.  And, heaven knows, the NYPD has more than its share of these. I'm talking the likes of Justin Volpe, who is now doing time for the gruesome, sadistic attack of  Abner Louima. I'm talkin' about the coward cops who will use deadly force wildly disproportionate to any threat they face. I'm takin' endless stories of illegal abuse of constabulary power that has caused the deaths and injuries and false arrests of thousands of NY civilians over just the last few years.    

Finally there is that huge population of cops in between -- the third part of the good, the bad, and the ugly approaches to being a cop.  The ones who have doubtful motives for being cops; the ones who rough people up every chance they get but never quite enough to draw the media's attention; the wise-asses who don't know the meaning of "protect" or "serve"; the ones who link arms and form a "blue wall of silence" around their psychopath buddies who get inadvertently video-taped and subsequently charged with violent crimes against the public.  This large population of in-between cops -- the uniformed and plain-clothes pricks occupying the moral and ethical middle-ground -- are almost impossible to identify.  But now I think I've found a way. 

If you want see who the NYPD pricks are, look at the photos in Andy Campbell's HuffPo article on Officer Wengian Liu's funeral.  The ones I'm talkin' about have their backs turned to the mayor.  They are the ones who would politicize such a solemn event and thereby defile it -- expressing disrespect not of the mayor but of the dead officer.  Please note that Officer Liu was a Buddhist -- a member of probably the most peaceful, non-vindictive, and forgiving religion on earth.  The irony is as sickening as it is indicative of how wide-spread the lack of respect for the NYPD uniform is amongst those who wear it .  

You can bet that this disrespect was pre-planned and orchestrated.  From my perspective, these in-between cops have their noses stuck up the ass of their union boss, Patrick Lynch, so far they will do whatever he says because they don't have the guts or the brains to think for themselves -- but, like sodomizing Haitians in a precinct station, you'll never find a photograph of that.  All we have are the photographs of them carrying out what we must presume are Lynch's instructions.

To those individual officers who refused to buy into Lynch's line of disrespectful crap: bless you.





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