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There's considerable human nature in a man. 
                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ January 12, 2015 ~

Short Shots


The French really know how to throw a rally when there's a terrorist attack

The 3.7 million Frenchfolks and dozens of world leaders who rallied yesterday in the aftermath of the murders of 16 innocent people by 3 radical Islamists got me to thinking: How big was the rally following the 9/11 attacks, which killed just short of 3,000?  I mean, if the size of these rallies is proportional to the number of dead victims, then the NYC rally should have drawn almost 700 million people.  Of course, there's only a bit over 300 million people in the USA, so that wasn't going to happen.  

But more to the point: nothing happened after 9/11.  I do not remember a single mass-rally, or any rally at all immediately after 9/11.  OK, Bono wore a jacket with the American flag sewn in it at the Super Bowl five months later, but that hardly counts as a rally.  

Maybe America was too shell-shocked.  Or maybe, like their vice-president, Americans were just too scared to come out of their holes and rally by the millions.  I mean, Cheney didn't appear in public for months.  And yet yesterday ya' had the French people, led by the French president, turning out in mega-droves to flip a huge French bird at the bad guys.

A more unsettling question is: The whole world turns its attention to a kosher bakery when four Jews are killed there, but why is it nobody gives a visible shit when 2000 black people are killed by Boko Harem in Baga, Nigeria on the same day?  Is it the world's MSM editors or the world's white people in general who find pain, suffering, and massive loss black people's lives not news-worthy?   

CNN edits out Abbas.  France tries to edit out Netanyahu

I couldn't help but notice how CNN discretely removed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas from the iconic photo of the world's leaders standing shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism in Paris yesterday.  Far less discreet was CNN's query: WTF is Obama doing? or something like that.  While Bibi Netanyahu has a very prominent role in the photo, only a tiny part of Abbas' head can be seen above the woman on the far right.  (She is probably somebody, but I don't have a clue who.)


Many other papers, The Times of Inda for instance, ran a photo that was far more balanced and far less disrespectful of the Palestinians. 

Times of India

But the more interesting back-story was that Bibi and Abbas were present for the rally at all, having been originally asked by Hollande to stay home -- and they both graciously agreed to.  The problem was that Netanyahu's opponent in the next election, Avigdor Lieberman, who is a bigger dick than Bibi is, if that's possible, announced that he was going to Paris regardless of what the French wanted.  Now, how would that look to iJews in Tel Aviv to see Liberman but not Bibi at the rally?  And so Bibi changed his mind and told Hollande he was coming, and Hollande (correctly, IMO) re-invited Abbas.  Full story here.        

FOX's blathering, Islamophobic idiots Jeanine Pirro and Stephen Emerson score a huge faux-pas

Here's my position on Islamophobia: Go ahead and be Islamophobic (or antisemitic) if you have some objective basis for your bias, just don't be a shrill idiot about it, and stay within the boundaries of the law.  And "shrill idiot" is precisely the term that describes FOX's stable of Islamophobes, particularly Pirro and Emerson.  Emerson got pumped-up by Pirro and threw reason and truth to the wind -- he actually stated on air the England's second largest city, Manchester, was completely controlled by Muslims and was a "no-go" zone for non-Muslims. Video.  Of course, this being an Islamophobic circle-jerk between Pirro and Emerson (not sure that's anatomically do-able) Pirro didn't have the brains or journalistic integrity to ask: "By the way, when was the last time you were in Manchester, Steve?  How about England?"

Emerson had to retract his outrageous nonsense and apologize, but this is not the first time this dude has been called out, according to Wikipedia.  Here's a quote: "Despite being widely criticized for his inaccuracies[3][4][5][6][7][8] and for fomenting Islamophobia,[9] Emerson frequently testifies before Congressional committees on al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.[10]"  I don't know how "frequently" but at least once.  

But here's the funny bit -- the same day Pirro and Emerson were mongering Shria fear about Muslim religious police in England's "no-go" zones driving around in cars enforcing Shria, the Daily Mail was running an article -- with photos -- of Orthodox Jew-cops in England driving around London in their special faux cop cars -- BMW's no less, what would you expect? 

Orthodox Jews' cop-car

Here's the way the DM describes these Jewish police patrols:

Based in Stamford Hill, the volunteers are trained by the Metropolitan Police and patrol the area regularly looking for anti-Semitic hate crimes, and general disorder in the neighbourhood.

The volunteer group, similar to a Neighbourhood Watch, are trained to safely track and detain suspects until police arrive, and run a 24-hour hotline for those in the area to report attacks.

Sure "general disorder" -- what does that mean?  Well, to Orthodox Jews it means women walking on the side of the street where only men are allowed. Link.  And it means forcing goy women on airplanes to move to seats away from their husbands so Jews don't have to sit next to them.  Link.  And yet it's Muslims in England that scares the panties off of Pirro and Emerson. 

New video: Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland pig who shot 12 yo Tamir Rice, also assaulted his sister.

If you've got kids, what worse nightmare could there be than the Tamir Rice killing: your 12 yo son holding a toy gun shot and killed in a city park by a trigger-happy cop who has been characterized by other cops as "unstable."  

But here's a worse nightmare: you're the kid's 14 yo sister, Tajai, and when you try to rush to Tamir's side after he's been shot, the same moron of a cop throws you to the ground, cuffs you, stuffs you into the back of the cop car sitting next to your dying brother, and leaves you locked up in there for at least 30 minutes.

So, yep, here we are with yet another video of fat-bellied cops with dubious records let loose on the streets with loaded guns shooting the place up.  The police released a micro-version of the video before Christmas -- it's less than 1 minute.  But now the news people have obtained and released an extended version of the video -- 30 minutes -- and the entire of this fuster-cluck becomes even more evident, including the take down of Tajai. 

Jeff Darcy of the NE Ohio Media Group has a very helpful analysis of the long vid on Jan 11.2015Charles Blow discusses the black perspective in the NYT, Jan11.2015.       



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