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There's considerable human nature in a man. 
                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ January 21, 2015 ~

From the time-to-give-it-up-baby dept.


Kiki Ginsburg is an embarrassment to the USSCt 

Regardless of what you may have thought of the content of Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address last night, even though John Boehner couldn't quite picking and blowing his nose, the speech was no snoozer.  It was passionate and it was well written.  It was Obama at his rhetorical best.  Too bad Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court's oldest justice at 81, missed it.  She was dozing.  Not the first time.  As Emily Heil at the WaPo said: Antoher SOTU, another nap for Kiki.

Justice Kennedy to her right and Justice Breyer to her left kept poking her but were not able to keep her awake.  If she can't sit through a 1-hour speech by the president on national TV, how effective can she be in studiously considering thousands of pages of legal briefs that a USSCt justice has to wade through every month?  

Kiki Ginsburg is the latest in a long line of arrogant, narcissistic, geriatric jurists who think that being appointed for life means there is no "expiry date."  If you are too old and tired to stay awake for 1-hour while sitting in front of the entire world, your expiry date is past. Ginsburg should have stepped down at least 5 years ago.  But she refuses.  Her reason: she wants to stay on the bench for as many years as her hero, the Zionist Louis Brandeis did.  IOW, this is a Jewish thing.  

She has now waited too long to ensure that she won't be replaced with a right-wing, strict-constructionalist.  Even if she were to retire tomorrow, now that the Democrats have lost control of the Senate, the Republicans would likely defeat Obama's nomination or stall it until the next election.  Another Scalia or Roberts in place of a liberal justice would be a disaster that wouldn't be rectified for decades.   

As I said in a previous post  :

If your reason for staying entrenched on the highest court in the land is to put in more years than your idol, then you are, by definition, intellectually incapable of doing the job. The good news is that Douglas wasn’t her hero — he went almost 37 years and was the best living reason for a Constitutional amendment [to limit USSCt terms] to have ever walked the face of the earth.



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