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There's considerable human nature in a man. 
                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ January 28, 2015 ~

Short Shots


The way Jews say things

Cpl. Francisco Javier Soria Toledo

There is not much about our species that would be considered "loveable" by any objective observer.  But to me the way different cultures express their views of reality is one loveable trait of humans that make us, well . . . so human.  Jack Benny and Groucho Marx were lovable because their Jewishness shone through and touched every funny thing they said.  And the same can be said about Danny Thomas' being Lebanese and Ricky Ricardo being Cuban.  Their ethnicity was not the joke, but it made the joke funny, or funnier.  

I guess it comes down to the use of idioms, and metaphors, and the use of semantic variants of a common language.  But it also comes down to different filters that are erected between people and reality -- people's ethnic viewpoints.  And it's not just comedy, no sir.

Take the example of the Government of Israel (GoI) killing a young Spanish UN peacekeeper, Cpl Francisco Javier Soria Toledo, in Lebanon yesterday.  The GoI attack was in retaliation for Hezbollah killing two IDF guys, which was in retaliation for GoI killing 6 Hezbollah guys and an Iranian general.  But look at the AP account written by Ariel Schalit and Zenia Karam, presumably Jews, judging by their names. Their headline "2 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Hezbollah Attack" completely ignores -- and thereby disrespects -- the dead peacekeeper.  And the article papers-over the fact that he was killed by GoI.  When referring to the dead Israelis, Schalit and Karam leave no doubt as to who was responsible:

"Missiles fired by the Lebanese Hezbollah group struck an Israeli military convoy on Wednesday, killing two soldiers in an apparent retaliation for a deadly airstrike attributed to Israel that killed six Hezbollah fighters in Syria earlier this month."

But when reporting Cpl. Toledo's death, Schalit and Karam neglect to mention that it was Israelis who killed him: 

 "A Spanish peacekeeper was killed in the border flare-up in southern Lebanon."

That's it.  Twelve words.  Passive voice -- "was killed."  Not "Israelis killed a Spanish peacekeeper."  No fingers pointing at GoI.  This is what AP calls "news??" According to what Schalit and Karam tell us, Cpl. Toledo could have been killed by Hezbollah, and maybe that's what they want you to think.  Lying by what one omits is as effective and as dishonest as lying by what one says.

Contrast that Israel-slanted AP article to the way RT reported the same incident.  The headline is "UN peacekeeper, 2 IDF soldiers killed: Israel, Hezbollah exchange fire."  And as for reporting Cpl. Toledo's death, RT lays it right out there:

"El Pais, however, cites military sources saying that Soria was killed by Israeli mortar fired in retaliation for a prior attack by Hezbollah."

And speaking of the way Jews say things, here is the GoI foreign minister, Avigdor Liberman's response to the attack as reported by Peter Beaumont of the Guardian

"Following the attack Israel’s foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who was meeting China’s foreign minister in Beijing, called on Israel to respond in a 'forceful and disproportionate manner' ”.

Yes, you read that correctly -- "disproportionate manner".  Did Beaumont quote Liberman correctly?  Apparently so, because many other outlets have quoted the same words, including Harretz,  International Business Times, and the Telegraph

If Liberman did not mis-speak or was not misquoted, then this appears to me to be more or less an official acknowledgement of GoI's policy of violating the Geneva Convention and international norms against retaliations employing disproportionate force, which is precisely what the iJews have been doing repeatedly since the 1930's without any sanctions or repercussions from the civilized countries of the world. Now if only they would admit to having that stockpile of illegal nuclear weapons the world would begin to look at GoI as something other than a pack of liars.  


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