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                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ January 30, 2015 ~

Short Shots


Who is running the 114th Congress, the Republicans or the iJews?

There's a universal spoof that reporters employ constantly that you have to be on the look-out for.    

More often than not when reporters write a story about politicians not wanting to get on the sour side of Jews, the reporters will refer to "the Jewish vote" or "Jewish voters" as the reason for the politicians' caution.  Here's Carl Hulse and Jeremy Peters in the NYT yesterday:

Democrats have generally condemned Mr. Netanyahu’s decision to address Congress as undiplomatic and reckless, but they have conflicting interests: They want to back up the president without angering the powerful pro-Israeli interests in the United States or Jewish voters.

What Hulse and Peters really mean is that Congress is dominated by politicians who are raking in a ton of money from billionaire iJews (aka Zionists) and they don't want to mess that arrangement up, so Obama is pretty much on his own in this latest dust-up with Bibi.  

By referring to "Jewish votes" or "Jewish voters," what reporters, especially the Jewish ones or the ones writing for Jewish-owned media, are trying to do is to make the politicians' hands-off approach to any criticism of Israel sound legitimate.  It's not legitimate.  It's bribery.  When you or I send a political campaign $10 or $50, we do it not because we expect the candidate to listen to us personally, but do it because we want to help "our" candidate get elected. That is not bribery. But when individuals, or groups, or corporations give candidates millions, or tens of millions, or hundreds of millions of dollars -- and I'm talking Haim Saban, George Soros, Paul Singer, Bernard Marcus, Sheldon Adelson, the Kochs, & etc. -- then you can damn well bet that those contributors expect something in return.  This is bribery.  And when the NYT papers-over such bribery by saying that politicians are taking a Jewish viewpoint on an issue because they are concerned about the "Jewish voters," that is, IMO, blatantly dishonest reporting.   

The reality is that except for a handful of kosher precincts like in Brooklyn or Miami, there is, essentially, no "Jewish vote."  If not a single Jew in the country votes in the next federal election, it will make no difference in the outcome of races for the vast majority of seats in Congress, and yet politicians from Massachusetts to Texas to Oregon will still be falling all over themselves to do Israel's bidding because it's Jewish money -- not Jewish votes -- that talks.    

The whole blow-up over Bibi essentially inviting himself to speak before Congress without the White House even being consulted tells you plainly that Republicans don't control the 114th Congress, iJews do -- Zionists who are itching to pull America into a war against Iran.  

Jews represent less than 3% of the population, and a tiny, tiny proportion of that 3% contributes 50-60% of the money that is used to get federal politicians elected.  In this system, money talks, not votes.  Whites represent about ~70% of the population, blacks about 12%, and Hispanics about 15%.  And yet Congress shows no particular interest in advancing the interests of blacks, or Hispanics, or even American Asians, whose population is double the number of American Jews.  Blacks, Hispanics and Asian Americans have far, far less of a voice in their own Congress than Israelis do.  All Americans and the rest of the world take a back seat to the Israelis as far as the majority of politicians in Congress are concerned.  For example, while Israel was destroying the lives and homes of Palestinians in Gaza during the bloody, prolonged, disproportionate attack on Gaza last year, the Senate passed by unanimous consent S. Resolution 498 supporting the Israeli atrocity. The resolution had 79 co-sponsors -- that's 79 senators out of 100 who are sucking at the teat of Israel and the iJews for campaign funds.        

Mark Weber's article "A Straight Look at the Jewish Lobby" is a little bit outdated, but it's a well written, carefully sourced, and important contribution to this vital issue. 

Here are a few of the points Weber makes:

  • Most of the world regards Israel’s policies, and especially its oppression of Pal­estinians, as illegal and outrageous. This international consensus is reflected, for example, in numerous UN resolutions condemning Israel, which have been approved with overwhelming majorities. . . Only in the United States do politicians and the media still fervently support Israel and defend its policies. For many years the US has provided Israel with crucial military, diplomatic and financial backing, including more than $3 billion each year in aid.

  • Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who was awarded the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, has candidly identified the reason. Speaking to an audience in Boston, he said: “But you know as well as I do that, somehow, the Israeli government is placed on a pedestal [in the US], and to criticize it is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic ... People are scared in this country, to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful -- very powerful.”
  • Vanity Fair magazine in October 2007 published a list of what it calls “the world’s most powerful people” – a lineup of the one hundred most influential media bosses, bankers, publishers, image makers, and so forth, who determine how we view ourselves and the world, and who – directly and indirectly -- shape our lives and our futures. Jews made up more than half of the powerful men and women on the Vanity Fair list, reported a leading Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post. [NB: Half!!! Jews represent only about 0.3% of the world's population!]
  • Jews alone had contributed 50 percent of the funds for [President Bill] Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign.
  • Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has spoken with blunt exasperation about the Jewish-Israeli hold on the United States: “I've never seen a President -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn't writing any­thing down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes on.”

Two points here are absolutely axiomatic: 1) Money talks in American politics, and 2) there are enough billionaire iJews with a shared Zionist agenda and enough money to influence Congress.  Given the way the American political system is set up, these axiomatic points spell out a rolling disaster for Americans, who have lost control of their government.  If Americans don't get this mess sorted out somehow and neutralize the Israeli control of Congress -- even if it takes a Constitutional amendment to eliminate election mega-funding and political bribery -- Americans will find themselves pushed into a world war by their own Congress working in behalf of Israel instead of Americans. 



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