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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


" "--takin' the BS outa' the BlogoSphere (and MSM) one shovel-full at a time "

Pachyderm-Free Zone: No Elephants Allowed in this Room



Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.
-- Will Rogers

Logophere's The Daily Dishes for 

January, 2013


Post-elections, NYT resumes acting as Israel proxy in the effort to pull the US into a war with Iran

Now that the Israeli and US elections are over and Obama and Bibi are once again staring at each other across the abyss of Iran, the NYT is doing what it can to give the war a nudge.  Just as they did with the Iraq fiasco, the NYT would love to gin up another US attack on a Muslim country. It is not by coincidence that NYT is owned and run by -- you guessed it -- Jews, who have their "homeland" in Israel.

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Arianna Huffington offers up kids' drawings as porn

HuffPo has its share of sickos on staff, as anyone knows who has waded through their sempiternal headlines about sex, sex, sex, as in every shape, every description, and for every reason. "It’s just for a bunch of laughs." they would undoubtedly argue. "Look at how clever we are to be endlessly discussing adult subjects on a news blog accessible to kids."

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Cathyrnn Brown: Dumb as a door-stop or one nasty pro-life fascist?

Pro-lifer fascist, Cathyrnn Brown

Could any lawmaker -- even a pro-lifer -- be so cruel and barbarous to even consider passing a law that forces the victim of rape/incest to carry the fetus to term?  Tighten down your seat belt because this post is going to be one rough ride.

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Jack Lew, Michael Bloomberg, and the infant oral-genital contact question. 

One question that should not automatically be asked of every nominee for a Cabinet position is: What is your position on oral-genital contact between adults and infants?

But it is a question that should be asked of Jack Lew, or any other Orthodox Jew nominated for a Cabinet position, judicial position, ambassadorship, or any other government position.  And the reason it should be asked is that oral-genital contact between adults and infants is a ritual practiced by many Orthodox Jews. It is called "metzizta b’peh" by OJ’s, "orogential suction" by MDs, and "as perverted as it gets" by the rest of us.  Mitzizta b'peh is beginning to be a hot, public subject in those areas were most of the world's OJs live -- Israel and Brooklyn. Ask Michael Bloomberg, he’s up to his nose in this disgusting ritual.

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Jordan Paust: Why the UN Charter allows Israel to shoot first and, basically, not worry about asking questions at all. 

Dan Joyner, a professor of international law at University of Alabama School of Law runs a very interesting website called Arms Control Law. In my experience these nuclear arms control blogs tend to operate at a higher, more academic level than the standard rant-and-rave blogs like, well . . . LogoPhere. For one thing, there’s not as much cussin’ from the academic types.

Today Dan initiated a discussion about an academic piece in Jurist written by one Jordan Paust, who is a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center. Basically, Paust is arguing that under the self-defense provisions of the UN Charter, Israel is justified in preemptively attacking Iran, and that such an attack would be "self-defense." I know exactly what you’re thinking . . . nobody but a rabid Zionist on the IDF payroll would attempt to make such an argument, but there you have it.

Below is an instant-replay of  my response, put up on Dan’s blog, amended here with relevant links.

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#542 -- Update 01

Homeland Security continues Java warning


Homeland Security - CERT continues to warn against using Java 7 even though Oracle has put out a patched version called 7.11.    

Logophere original post of Jan12.2013  . . .



Aaron Swartz: Some Pretty Heavy Stuff

Photo of Aaron Swartz breaking into MIT computer room according to government documents.

It is not that unusual for a perp to try and blame his victim for the damage the victim suffered at the hands of the perp. But it is a whole new twist when the victim is blamed for the perp’s own demise, particularly when the perp dies from suicide. Every since Aaron Swartz was found hanging in his apartment, his family have been all over the press blaming the prosecutors and the victims of Swartz’s alleged felonies – MIT and a data sharing organization called JSTOR. The rising chorus of righteous indignation for having prosecuted Aaron Swartz reached a crescendo – I hope – yesterday when Swartz’s father declared at the funeral that "The government killed my son." Pretty heavy stuff.

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Homeland Security is telling you to turn off Java


While you’re sitting there doing nothing useful (but reading this), pop over to your Control Panel and see if you have a Java icon. If you do, you could be screwed. The bottom line goes here at the top: DISABLE JAVA ON YOUR MACHINE. NOW.

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David Albright: Still trying to gin up another neocon war

  Albright's version of a UF4 production site

For those of you who don’t know David Albright, believe me, don’t bother. He was one of the neocons who were feeding the public a bunch of rubbish in the run up to Iraq II. Later, when it became obvious to everyone the public had been lied to, Albright suddenly switched from hawk to dove, claiming Bush had been wrong to invade Iraq. Then he switched back to hawk and he began pulling the same misinformation-breeds-contempt-breeds-war stunt with Iran. Now he’s back at it, this time with Syria. This dude is every neocon’s best buddy, and although he claims not to be one himself, actions speak louder than words.

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The UK's Daily Mail editors again featured as the MSM's "Worst-By-Far" 

Nobody knows how to butcher the Queen's English like these Daily Mail editors.  One suspects that half of them are high-school drop-outs and the other half are blind.

Can you make sense of this major DM headline?  It's bad enough when you make your living publicizing heart-breaking tragedies.  At least these vultures could get the headlines right.  

  DM, Jan06.2013

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Analyzing the balance of inter-Semetic hatred to see where the Middle East is headed in 2013

Juan Cole's Shia/Sunni Map

My approach to understanding the Semitic mess called "the Middle East" is that first you've got to realize that all of these peoples -- Arabs, Palestinians, Jews, Sunnis, Shia, Wahabis, Hasidim,  on and on --  are Semites.  And so the whole ME mess is just one big inter-Semitic dog-fight.  Semites have been killing Semites for as long as there have been Semites -- all the way back to Noah, and that is not going to suddenly end in 2013.  BTW, all of these people are called "Semites" because they are descended from Noah's son, Shem.  They should be called "Shemites," but that sounds too much like female bed-bugs, so they dropped the "h."  

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