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Logophere's Topics for February, 2013



Daily Mail cocks it up again.  Stupidity and incompetence only the British could tolerate.


I try to save these media fails up for a few weeks and throw a bunch of them out at once, but some of them are just too egregious to wait.  I admit that I go to the UK Daily Mail more than daily because they get to stories faster than most.  But it is not the getting to stories first that makes a competent news service, it is the editing.  And the DM has a caged gang of orangutans for editors.  And that is being complimentary.   

[Read it and weep . . . ]


Dorner’s accusations of unjustified violence by LA cops proven 100%

  Chief Beck

It just don’t get more ironic or more moronic than this. You’ve got a LAPD cop, Christopher Dorner, gone completely nutter publishing a fuck-the-blue-line rant accusing LA cops of using excessive force and then going out and killing three people.  So far. Then, you’ve got idiot LA cops thinking they are executing a cop-killer by ramming and wildly opening fire on innocent people in their vehicles in Torrence, Ca.

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Huffington Post hits a disgusting new low in dishonesty. 

This is about as cheap and disgusting as "reporting" gets -- left-wing pedophile tabloid HuffPo echoing left-wing pollster Public Policy Polling resorting to distorted stats to discredit FOX.  Now, just let me say before lighting this flame that I am no friend of FOX.  From what I see, their people are often, if not generally, dishonest.  But that is precisely the way I would also characterize a lot of left wing media, including HuffPo.  So I got no partisan pickles in this picnic -- I deplore dishonesty regardless which wing-nuts are spewing it.  

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Doing the morbid gun numbers -- trying to make sense of idiotic, well-intentioned reporters. 

Just as sure as stink follows a skunk, we knew the gun control crowd would exploit the Sandy Hook killings to the max.  Following the lead of the Brady Center, it has become a popular MSM ploy to use Dec14.2012 -- the date those kids were killed -- as time = 0 and start counting "gun deaths" from that date.  And the whole point is . . . well, you'll have to tell me.  

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