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Special Note: 

LogoPhere is pretty much dead in the water for the moment as I drive back and forth across the States dealing with an on-going family crisis.  Please stay tuned for more regular posting of edgy, vituperative LogoPhere articles when things settle down.  In the mean time these posts will be intermittent. 

Rogue nuke state Israel ambassador: wipe NoKo off the map

One of the many interesting news stories that was buried by the marathon bombs coverage last week was this shit-head, Israeli mouthpiece, Dan Gillerman, excoriating Kerry for trying to lower the temperature on the Korean peninsula. Gillermanís opinion, stated on (you guessed it) FOX news, is that NoKo should be "wiped off the face of the map" because of Kim Jong-unís recent rhetoric. Gillermanís rationale? Well, he reckons that by killing 25 million North Koreans the US "will send a message" to Iran, and, of course, that would suit Israel just fine.

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A few edgy thoughts about Boston

Like most of America I have been watching the MSM coverage of the Boston bombings in a state of dazed incredulity Ė dazed at yet another heinous attack on innocent civilians, incredulous at how inane the reporting has been. 

As one small example of the latter, two CNN reporters came on the screen just a while ago. One of them said, "Hello, I am Erin Burnett reporting from Boston." That seemed like a completely innocuous and precise statement of fact, assuming she was, in fact, in Boston. But then her side-kick standing right next to her said flashed his single digit IQ when he said: "And Iím Jake Tapper, also in Boston." No doubt this was a preview of whatís sure to come today from these MSM simian shit-slingers because simian shit is  pretty much what they gave us yesterday. But Iím getting ahead of this post Ė here is a collection of random thoughts I recorded whiled watching MSNBC, CNN, and FOX much of the day yesterday.

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Caddy Joe LaCava and Tigerís 15th hole debacle

Joe LaCava

While the whole world peers at Tiger Woods and questions his honesty, intelligence, and . . . intelligence Ė in that order Ė for the way he conducted himself on  yesterday's  15th hole of the 2nd round of the 2013 Masters, the real divot-dolt in this mess has not yet been identified, so letís do that: meet Tiger's caddy, Joe LaCava.

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