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LogoPhere's Topics for July, 2013

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 Jul29.2013 --  Monday Morning Short-takes 

Cop w/ taser

Ugly Cops Story #1: 95-yo man killed by taze-happy cop.

Barney Fife

Ugly Cops Story #2: Dumbass cops raid the wrong house, kill 72-yo man -- sorry, bad lighting.

Pikes contact info

Ugly Cops Story #3:  Remember John Pike?  He's more of a dumbass than even I realized. 

USDC judge Fischer

Ugly Cops Story #4:  SWAT slime-cops in hot water for pulling 10-yo boy out of a bath-tub.  This judge is going to kick some ass


Ugly Cops Story #5:  Somehow the police informant who planted the coke managed to get away. 

Doing dishes

Ugly Cops Story #6:  SWAT slime-cops totally fuck innocent family

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Jul26.2013 --  WTF are these toxic i-Jews talking about, give up the West Bank?

Bibi and Ze'ev Elkin -- toxic at any dose.  

The news from Israel today must sound downright generous to the i-Jews.  The headline in the Times of Israel reads: 

PM would give up 86% of West Bank, says deputy FM

The lead paragraph says:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be prepared to relinquish 86 percent of the West Bank in a peace accord with the Palestinians, Israel’s deputy foreign minister said Friday.

The Times of Israel article goes on to quote toxic Orthodox Jew Member of Parliament, Ze’ev Elkin moaning because "the Palestinians haven’t budged a millimeter in their demands for 100% of the West Bank."

This is the same Ze'ev Elikin who has criticized right-thinking American Jews for pressing for peace with the Palestinians. 

The Israeli bull-shit implies, of course, that Israel owns the West Bank and is willing to sacrifice the lion’s share to the Palestinians. This is the equivalent of Israel asserting that Brooklyn is an Israeli settlement but Israel would be willing to give up 86% of it to New York. Only these thieving i-Jews are capable of such twisted thinking as to use land they stole as a bargaining chip against their victims. 

[Read more . . .]



Jul25.2013 -- Sum Ting Wong at KTUV -- where the hell is FOX?

KTUV banana-brain Tori Campbell

The now famous spoofed KTUV Jul12.2013 report on the names of the pilots of the Asiana flight 214 that skidded to a stop on the SF tarmac is being scrubbed from the Internet by the station, but it's still available

Like the rest of the world, I was totally incredulous not so much that the names made it to Tori Campbell's tele-prompter, but that anyone could be so impossibly thick as to not see from the first syllable that "Captain Sum Ting Wong," "Wi Tu Lo," "Ho Lee Fuk," and "Bang Ding Ow" were obviously some sort of pubescent joke.  Campbell's reading the names out to millions of viewers set a new record for televised human stupidity.   

[Read it all . . . ]



Jul20.2013 -- When rich Jews don't make the news.



OK, we all know how the Jewish media can cut your head off and hand it to you on a platter if you cross a line. Ask Mel Gibson about that.  Or Helen Thomas.  Or Michael Moore. Or Chuck Hagel.

But what is harder to come by are stories of how the Jewish press can protect eminent Jews from public scorn. And the reason these stories are so hard to come by is because, well . . . the Jewish press is protecting them from public scorn.

[ Read it . . . ]



Jul17.2013 -- Backspin: pushing back on the Toobin hit-piece on Snowden

On Jun10.2013 bad-boy Jeffrey Toobin attacked Edward Snowden with an insipid New Yorker hit-piece.

The Gutter Grunt wades in at the LogoPhere Weekly: This Essay is About Why Jeffrey Toobin is an Ad Hoc Ignoranus.

Get it while it's hot. 



Jul14.2013 -- What did you think I was going to say????

As happens quite often over at the anti-Israel site, Mondoweiss, where I hang out a lot, Phil Weiss shit-canned another of my ribald comments. Actually, also he shit-cans a lot of my comments that are not ribald – any comment, in fact, that tends to blow too much smoke into the Mondoweiss echo-chamber.

[Read the story . . .]



Jul10.2013 -- Preliminary Thoughts on OZ-214 crash at SFO: Turn the freakin’ seats around.

After seeing the vid of that Boeing 777-28EER, Asiana flight OZ-214, bouncing down the SFO runway Jul06.2013, no one could be faulted for jumping to the conclusion that it was the final landing for all 307 people on board. But after the dust had settled and before the smoke started, it was clear that the plane was largely still intact and people were getting off with their carry-ons and ambling across the tarmac like in the old days before sky bridges.

[Read more ...]



Jul09.2013 -- Reactor #2: Mother of all problems.

Two years ago, and pretty much up to the present, those of us who know nothing about the Fukushima catastrophe other than what we read were focused pretty much on the precarious spent fuel rod pool of Reactor #4. One good earthquake was going to multiply the catastrophe by 10-fold, some experts, like self-proclaimed nucler-know-all, Arnie Gundersen told us.

But on May27.13 a wee voice from Japan was heard crying "Forget #4, it’s Reactor #2 that is the mother of all problems." And that’s the term he used. This voice came from an unnamed TEPCO worker and was amplified by an unnamed Japanese professor. These comments have been related by Oshidori Mako

[ Read on . . . ]



Jul05.2013 -- The San Diego Sidewalk Chalk Case: Somebody is Lying. 

Even before a jury was seated anyone with access to the Internet knew that San Diego’s city attorney, Jan Goldsmith, is high in the running for the biggest ignoranus worldwide.

And just behind him in the competition is Darell Freeman, the ex-cop who is Bank of America’sVP of Global Corporate Security.

[Read the story . . .]


Jul04.2013 -- Will the 2013 Egyptian uprising, like 2011, be remembered for its sexual perversions?

It’s 4am in Tahrir Square as I write this. The RT webcam is still hot, and I can see that the crowds have dispersed enough that some vehicles can get through and drive up and down the streets. It’s been a long day for them all. From first light the square was packed with flag waving Egyptians who, apparently, stayed in the same place for 20 hours waving their flags and doing whatever else they do . . . I have no clue.

Well, I guess I do have a clue as to what some of them were doing: raping and assaulting women. Google "Tahrir rape" and you’ll get more to read than you really want to.

[Read more . . .]



Baby-feeding by bust bust: Belgian diplomat discovers what NY cops are all about

Beware: insidious Sri Lankan terrorists are everywhere.

Have ya’ ever heard of Metropolis Country Club in White Plains, NY?  Well, the reason I mention it is because it is run by a bunch of nematodes, as I’m about to explain in this story.  And if you’ve been reading LogoPhere for any time at all, you might be guessing that there’s a bananas-for-brains cop in this story somewhere, and that would be Scott Harding of the Greenburgh PD.

[Read the story . . .]


Jul02.2013 -- Three things I learned on the Internet today
1.  Lithium batteries are not candy

2. How the USG tortures whistle-blowers

3.  A person who is given asylum is called an "asylee."  Snowden wouldn't qualify in the US

[Read more . . . ]


Jul01.2013 -- And so it goes; the cancer grows.  Like a malignancy, Israel taking over the West Bank 

June was a busy, busy month for all those apartheid iJews ripping into Palestine.  More than 100 attacks recorded by the Palestinian Information Center.  Here is a more comprehensive list of iJew attacks on Palestinians, back to Mar.2102.

Kate over at Mondoweiss has posted this eye-popping list of articles from Jun regarding Israel's apparently unstoppable destruction of Palestine.  

So-called Area C was established by the Oslo Accords as Palestinian land under Israeli control. This is about 70% of the West Bank.  In 1972 there were 1000 iJews there.  Today there are more than 300,000, and Israel is pushing to incorporate it, thereby making it a formal part of Israel.  The iJews have been slowly taking over Area C, just like a malignant cancer, by wiping the Palestinians out one family, one village, one town at a time.  Here are some excerpts from Kate's compilation:

[ Read the rest . . . ]

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