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LogoPhere's Topics for August, 2013

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Aug24.2013 -- Cleaning up assorted news items of the last week.

A few items of possible interest to you:

1 -- Army dude convicted of butchering more than a dozen innocent people. Does the Army: a) execute him, b) give him life/no parole, c) check the color of the victims.

2 -- I’m still trying to figure out how the $6.35 tax penalty grew to $235 in under two years, never mind how any judge would be so fuking stupid as to auction the house off.

3 -- Why was the Mass State Police so pissed off at the guy, Sgt Sean Murphy, who took the photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?  I'm sure it couldn't have anything to do with police brutality . . .

4 -- How does that red-line deal work, anyway?

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Aug20.2013 -- The Gutter Grunt’s Poop Your Panties Potpourri

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 Aug16.2013 -- A toxic mal-Semite who needs a good old fashioned (digital) tar and feathering. 

"Danny Seaman"

It is not entirely clear, but the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel are reporting that toxic i-Jew Daniel Seaman has been fired from his post as Israeli Director of "Interactive Media," which means "Propaganda Minister." The reason that is it not entirely clear is that no one is giving a direct quote saying this noxious i-Jew has been fired from his noxious post, but if he has that, at least, is to Netanyahu’s credit. Although as soon as the "peace talks" are over and the lights go dim, Seaman will be hired back, with a pay raise.

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Aug11.2013 -- More cops, lawyers, and judges who seriously need their butts kicked. 

Here are some of my notes on recent "Justice American Style" cases.  These people need to be seriously prosecuted and locked up if found guilty.  Cops, DAs, and judges who abuse their positions should get double-time.

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Aug10.2013 -- Who is at the ass-end of PIGS?  And why?


There is perhaps nothing more telling of Spain’s place in today’s world than being the "s" at the ass-end of "PIGS." It is also, apparently the "s" at the ass-end of "ass." 

Now that Greece has gone into the proverbial calm before the melt-down, Spain has become the idiot EU member that cannot stay out of the news. Here are some examples of how Spaniards, and particularly their king, have become the pig’s ass in just the last month.

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Aug07.2013 --  IDF troops losing legs in Lebanon?

   Fly to: 33°05'45.02" N 35°08'57.60" E  

When you get just a smattering of news regarding Israel attacking its neighbors, you know something is up. The i-media in the US normally won’t report such violations of international law until the reports reach a crescendo in the goyim news. As of Aug07.13, 2pm PDT, you still have to dig a bit to find this story.

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