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by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


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Sep27.2013 -- Holy F*ck!! Pope virtually legalizes pedophilia in the Vatican

I’m no Richard Dawkins-type over-the-edge atheist willing to trash all religion just because I don’t see the point in it. I am not going to trash other people's beliefs, and rituals, and mass-moronity just because I don’t care to participate. But even in my most liberal moments I have never been able to understand how hundreds of millions of Catholics can be so dim-witted as to support such a slimy institution as the Catholic Church with its slithering pedophiles. I have never been a Catholic, but a large part of my family is, and I have lived in Boston. And still I don’t get it.

[Read more . . . ]

Sep23.2013 -- Tabulating the Syrian CW attack

Please note a new entry over to the left under "Static Pages" --  Syria Aug.2013 CW attack   

While the Syrian crisis stays hot I will endeavor to keep the information organized in a series of tables.

Table of  Documents
Table of Places
Table of Questions and Theories
Table of Victims
Table of Videos

These sorts of things are pretty labor intensive, but I'll do my best to keep these tables up to date, at least until Obama starts a war or the problem is resolved. 


Sep19.2013 -- A few loose pieces of interest. 

This is when you know it’s time to convert to Islam and join the Syrian insurgents -- jahadi sex!  Link01

OK, this makes sense.  This is why the SWAT pigs show up with masks and no name-tags to bust down your door.  Link02

For those of you who ask: How – other than putting a wad of cash in the judge’s pocket – does one get a 30-day suspended sentence for raping a 14 yo? Well . . . in truth, I can’t think of an answer. Link03

When a black lady writes the story about a white Mississippi pig being busted for 29 felonies, ya’ know we’re makin’ progress.  Link04

How do you know which US senators are Israel-firsters? They’re the ones signing letters to the president written by AIPAC. Graham, Warren, McCain, and 73 more. Link05


Sep09.2013 -- The Gutter Grunt comes unhinged, writes Congress 

 It's not every day, folks, that I reach my limit and write an open letter to Congress, but, boy, when I do it has as much impact as a cricket fart in a tornado.  But at least I've had my say.  


Sep07.2013 -- A couple of follow-ups


Just a couple of follow-ups for stories over the last year or so.  A nasty i-Jew Army dude takes a hike, and a woman wrongly convicted by a couple of Arizona rattlesnake-turds for killing her son walks out of prison. 

[Read the stories . . . ]

Sep05.2013 -- Obama, then and now 

Remember the good ole' days when a jive-talkin' Senator Obama was punkin' his way into the White House with all the self-assurance of a Chicago pimp with a Cadillac full of good looking white ho's?  On Dec20.2007 Obama sat down with Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe and answered some very, very direct questions.  As we know now, the answers were, like so much of Obama's rhetoric, total BS designed to tell the public what they wanted to hear.

[Read more . . .]

Sep04.2013 -- Obama’s Syrian red-line: indicative of either a clueless idiot or very smart psychopath 

Screen grab from YT provided by Syrian insurgents, uploaded Aug21.2013

On Aug20.2012 Obama made a surprise visit to the daily WH press conference and made what appeared to be a rather glib, off-the-cuff statement that virtually guaranteed that a number of Syrian civilians would soon die a horrible death by chemical agents.

[Read story . . .]

Sep02.2013 -- Alex Steitz-Wald's insipidly stupid Salon article on Ron Paul

A Gutter Grunt Bullet Briefing on another loser Salon article.

  [Read it . . .]

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