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Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


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Oct29.2013 -- The UK "Daily Fail": Gratutious Stupidity, Part II

It's not every month I have the honor and obligation of going after the Daily Mail twice in one week, but my backlog of Daily Fail goofs is getting out of hand.  Here's a few more, and just to show you I have no bias, a few other MSM brain-ded editor goofs are included. 

[Read em' . . .]

Oct27.2013 -- The Ghouta Sarin Story: Bullbleep Mountain or Veritas Valley?  Episode 1. Getting the Rocket-Dose Right

Dan Kaszeta, a self-confessed ex-US Army CW-ghoul, is making a name for himself by explaining to those of us who have never had the opportunity, desire, or need to drop sarin on our mortal enemies how to do it. Even those of us who have no mortal enemies find the information morbidly fascinating in the wake of Ghouta, and Dan is becoming the go-to guy on the technical aspects of packaging and delivering sarin, or GB, as it it more commonly called in the Army warfare literature, probably because "GB" is harder to misspell. In his latest effort Dan walks us through some calculations with the aim of coming up with a ball-park figure for how many actual rockets full of sarin had to be delivered to Ghouta on Aug21.2013 in order to get the deadly effect that has been advertised by the insurgents, the MSM, and Obama: to wit, 1429 fatalities. Not 1430. Not 1425. Not approximately 1400. No . . . 1429, precisely. I will examine the origin of that ghastly, ubiquitous figure in a future Bullbleep Mountain/Veritas Valley piece.

[Read more . . .]

Oct26.2013 -- Alison Weir -- knockin' a few of Uncle Abe's teeth loose

Alison Weir is one of my favorite humans of all time.  Uncle Abe Foxman is near the top of my "Most Rationally Despised" list.  It's not because of who they are -- I don't know either one personally -- it's about what they stand for.  Weir is out there -- traveling all over the country -- telling Americans about how their precious tax money is being wasted on the racist, apartheid, disgusting government of Israel.  Foxman, on the other hand is the incarnate definition of "mal-Semite."  Under the guise of making the world a less vicious place, he attacks those who are most successful in pointing out how vicious the i-Jews are.  

[Read more . . . ]

Oct25.2013 -- The UK "Daily Fail": Gratuitous stupidity in every issue 

It's not that have any thing personally against the editors of the Daily Mail.  I don't even know who they are.  It's just that they are so consistently lame it boggles the mind that they can even get out of bed and brush their teeth, much less run a national news rag.  Here are some more examples of their gratuitous stupidity:

[Read 'em . . . ]

Oct23.2013 -- John Pike collects his $38,000 kewpie doll

Well, it’s time to weep for poor John Pike, the low-life skunk-cabbage UC Davis pig who became famous strutting back and forth in front of a line of sitting, unarmed, non-violent protestors, spraying them directly in the face with pepper spray, as I discussed here, and here Now we find out that Pike, poor baby, could not take the stress and strain that comes with being outed as America’s most disgusting pig, he has just been awarded $38,000 compensation for "depression and anxiety." This was in addition to 8 months of paid vacation while UC decided to can his fat ass.

[Read the story . . .]

Oct17.2013 -- Occam's Razor looks like it will bag the answer to Chevaline

Tim Veater is one dogged character.  He has his teeth in this Chevaline Murder and is not about to let it go until he has it solved.  And good on him.  I have posted two of his pieces as LogoPere (almost never) Weekly articles.  One on Oct05.2012 and the other just a few days ago. 

I have long favored the theory that Mollier was the intended target and was gunned down in a passion killing.  The al-Hillis were in the wrong place at the really wrong time.  My best guess of the killer is that he was another cyclist and an ex-RAF guy.  I published that theory on Oct09.2012. 

[Read more . . .]

Oct13.2013 -- The latest from Tim Veater on Chevaline

For any of you who noticed my promise for another piece on the Ghouta attack, I am waiting to hear back from a forensic pathologist who may have a lot to say about what happened there. 

In the mean time, here is a guest post by Tim Veater bringing us up to date on the Chevaline Murders.  Tim's previous piece was published on Oct05.2012.

The Chevaline Massacre, One Year On - by Tim Veater 


Oct11.2013 -- Two major papers out today on the Syrian crisis

Ok, so it's one major paper and my own pitiful contribution.  

But if my reader is wondering where I've been the last two weeks, I have been trying to sort out what must be one of the most confusing and annoying public reports of all time: the Sep13.2013 report of the UN Mission investigating the Aug21.2013 CW attack on Ghouta.  My analysis is 24 pages long and is available in trusty .pdf format exclusively from LogoPhere ( and whomever I can get to download and distribute it).     

Pigeon Poop on the Pump Handle: A Critique of the Report of the UN Mission to Investigate the Use of Sarin in Damascus

Now, the report that really is a major paper is the 105-page opus by Human Rights Watch on the Aug04.2103 massacre in Latakia, Syria.

“You Can Still See Their Blood” Executions, Indiscriminate Shootings, and Hostage Taking by Opposition Forces in Latakia Countryside

Stay tuned for a major story from the Gutter Grunt on Ghouta tomorrow.  




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