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by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


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Nov23.2013 --  This Thanksgiving Jon Stewart gives thanks for the Ford dawg and phony show

Without Anthony Weiner to kick around anymore the MSM comedy-hyenas, led by Jon Stewart and the SNL crowd were understandably restless. Two months is a long time to go without fresh meat. But then the Rob and Doug Ford dawg and phony show appeared on the horizon and the hyenas knew they were in for a feast.

[Read it . . . ]

Nov14.2013 --  The UK "Daily Fail": Gratuitous Stupidity, Part III  

The Daily Mail is a never-ending stream of editorial embarrassment and journalistic incompetence.  Here's another post dedicated entirely to "The Daily Fail."

[Read 'em . . .]

Nov09.2013 -- CW-expert Dan Kaszeta straightens out the Gutter Grunt on the Bullbleep Mountain article 

On Oct27.2013 I published an article on Bullbleep Mountain and Veritas Valley that was critical of a piece by CW-expert Dan Kaszeta titled Managing the Deficit in which he purported to calculate how many rockets full of sarin Assad must have used to attack Ghouta on Aug21.2013.  Dan, who is obviously far more gracious than I, sent me a very pleasant Email in which he straightened out a few of the points in my article he thought needed straightening out.  Soon after that he followed-up with a polite request that I remove a reference I had to "CW-ghoul."  I mean, this guy is an American living in the UK, but he's as polite as any Canadian I've come across here in BC.  I was delighted to get some feedback of that quality. 

[Read it . . . ]

Nov02.2013 -- The problem with being stupid: How do you know?

Joshua Holland is a voice to pay attention to. His Nov01.2103 piece on says more things you need to understand about the American health care crisis in a single page than all of Obama’s men and all of Obama’s horses have said in five years. Well, OK, the horses haven’t said all that much anyway, and it doesn’t appear to be the men who are running the DHS.  Obviously, I need to scratch around for a better literary analogy.

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