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Regular posts to this blog have been suspended while I complete a major analysis of the Aug21.2013 Ghouta massacre.   The report, "Murder in the Sun Morgue," is taking a lot longer than anticipated.  Please stay tuned. -- The Gutter Grunt 


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Dec04 -- How reading this post can get you 10 years in a UK prison. 

Fly to: 52°09'07.05" N 1°27'39.77" W

When Jean Charles de Menezes had his brains blown out at the Stockwell tube station by London cops in 2005 because he was mistaken as a terrorist target, it was Cressida Dick calling the shots, if you’ll forgive my choice of metaphor. The cops were operating under their shoot-to-kill policy known as Operation Kratos, which continues to this day, if not in name. Kratos is not an "operation" at all.  It is a police policy that authorizes cops to fire head shots without any warning when the target is suspected by some idiot police commander like Dick of being a suicide bomber. If they screw it up, like Dick did with de Menezes, well . . . tough. 

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