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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


The Gutter Grunt's Nationally Non-Syndicated

" "--takin' the BS outa' the BlogoSphere (and MSM) one shovel-full at a time "

You Are Now Entering the LogoPhere BackSpin Zone
Leave your shoes and biases at the door and come on in



Should a nation which [sic] attacks and occupies foreign territory in the face of United Nations disapproval be allowed to impose conditions on its own withdrawal?
                                                               Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1957 -- commenting on Israel



The Blue Rigi, JMW Turner 


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Get Serious, by Denis O'Brien 

Bad attitudes about Constitutional rights 
make for bad cops 

Lewis Hatch IV

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LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Sep29.2014

 Catching up on a few gratuitously 
stupid Daily Mail fails

(Read 'em and weep . . .)


LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Sep22.2014 

Daniele Watts, do yourself a favor: 
shut-up and sit down -- no, not like that.

Here’s why Sophie Jane Evans should 
transition into another line of work

How innocent can they possibly be with all those stolen tanks and artillery?

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LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Sep19.2014 

 Here's a reporter who needs to think 
before he accuses innocent 9-year-olds 
of killing people.

LAT editor/reporter Michael Muskal

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LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Sep15.2014 
More Dummy Do-Do's from the Daily Fail 


Man refuses to let "burglars stand by"


The al-Hilli killers "may got away"


Skinny horse "seen after been found dying"


Family under death threats "will have peace with this."


Cops who busted Watts "don't who she is"

(Read 'em . . . )


LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Sep12.2014 
HuffPo's Michael Calderon's testicular short-comings 

 I'm working on a piece about ISIS and Obama's coming flip from Nobel Peace Prize laureate to war crimes criminal, but the research keeps sinking deeper in mud and the so article's publication keeps getting pushed back.  That's the way it is when writing without deadlines -- publishing dates are more sporadic but the end product is more polished and reliable.  Hopefully.  In the mean time, here are some thoughts I had when reading today's HuffPo piece by Michael Calderone regarding the New York Time's reporting on ISIS. 

(Read it . . . )


LogoPhere's WTF News for Sep11.2014 
Special Solar Flare Edition


NASA ain't sayin' yet, but I am: Holy wee-wee, what is coming at us, Ma?

Here are two Emails I sent out yesterday to my Em short-list.  Take 'em for what they're worth. 

( Read 'em . . . )



LogoPhere's WTF News for Sep08.2014 
Drunk, Idiot, and/or Incompetent DAs and Judges 


Delaware AG Beau Biden's Deputy AG, Daniel Simmons, charged with 4 counts of sexual assault on 16-yo boy. 


Perry County Judge Dean L. Wilson was charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and failing to stop after an accident. 


US Federal judges are dirty . . . nothing to see here.  Move along


MT Judge G. Todd Baugh: suspended without pay, viral 31 day sentence of teacher for raping 14 yo student reversed.


The best way to deal with rape and domestic abuse victims who have the audacity to accuse their attackers: lock them up.  No . . . the victim, not the attacker.  Let him go free on bail. 



Black dude cold-cocks man with Asperger's, kills him with one blow, gets 4 years.  Will be out in 2.



And while we're on the subject of UK judges' unbelievably gormless decisions  . . . meet Judge Francis Sheridan


Finally . . . we have dum bass Judge Leigh Ann Darby, of Sentatobia MS who wouldn't know due process from a swamp-turtle's ass. 

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LogoPhere's WTF News for Sep04.2014 ~ Special Edition


Joan Rivers (1933-2014)
RIP -- Reincarnated In Palestine 

(Read the story . . . )


LogoPhere's WTF News for Sep02.2014

Forget Joan Rivers -- pray for Palestine 

Kristofer Richardson gunning for cop-cowardice record, tazes 14 year old girl

Here's a DM-dummy fer ya'

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