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Jack Lew, Michael Bloomberg, and the infant oral-genital contact question. 

One question that should not automatically be asked of every nominee for a Cabinet position is: What is your position on oral-genital contact between adults and infants?

But it is a question that should be asked of Jack Lew, or any other Orthodox Jew nominated for a Cabinet position, judicial position, ambassadorship, or any other government position.  And the reason it should be asked is that oral-genital contact between adults and infants is a ritual practiced by many Orthodox Jews. It is called "metzizta b’peh" by OJ’s, "orogential suction" by MDs, and "as perverted as it gets" by the rest of us.  Mitzizta b'peh is beginning to be a hot, public subject in those areas were most of the world's OJs live -- Israel and Brooklyn. Ask Michael Bloomberg, he’s up to his nose in this disgusting ritual.

The OJs make a big deal of infant male genital mutilation, aka brit milah, aka male circumcision.  But, as amazing as it seems, according to NYT, a paper that knows something about Jews, some Jewish mothers who have had numerous sons don't have a clue what's going on during the ceremony.  The baby is taken to them and handed over to the mohel and a few other males, and no one really sees what is happening.  Here's what's going on (not for the squeamish).

When the baby is 8 days old the parents wrap him in a white blanket and hand him over to a mohel. (For some reason this all has to be done during daylight, but I'll leave it to you to figure that part out.) The mohel then lops off the child’s foreskin, but, unlike surgical circumcision by a physician, the mohel lops off so much tissue that the circumcision can never be reversed or obliterated. This is called priah. IOW, not all circumcisions are equal, which is to say not all mutilated penises are equal. The reason for this extreme circumcision is that there have been times in history when rulers who hated Jews identified them by their penises, and a lot of Jews were, naturally, inclined to reverse or mitigate the damage done to their child’s penis in the hopes of avoiding persecution. Priah -- or extreme circumcision -- prevents this tendency to later deny the Jewishness of one’s penis, or one’s son’s penis.

Following the extreme circumcision, the baby at this point is, of course, bleeding from its lacerated penis. This is when the metzizah – or sucking – of the penis is performed by the mohel to symbolically remove the blood. According to Wikipedia, which is, not surprisingly, very knowledgeable on this whole topic, the Talmud even warns that a mohel who does not suck should be dismissed from practice. Some OJ cults like Hasidic and Yeshiva take this genital-oral contact ritual very seriously, as I have previously observed. They will not even countenance the use of a sterile sponge or syringe to remove the ritualistic blood. Which brings us to Bloomberg (we'll get to Lew).

Brooklyn is, of course, full to over-brimming with OJs. And like every other group of people, Ojs have their perverts.  One of them, rabbi Nechemya Weberman, just got sent up for doing dirty things with a 12 year old, even though the OJ’s did their best to keep him out of jail. Story at Post #526. The other national news from the OJ community last year was Bloomberg’s war on ritual sucking of baby’s penises. The problem Bloomberg is concerned about is that some of these mohel’s put their mouths in places other than baby’s penises and them the babies end up with herpes, or who knows what.  In NYC one mohel infected dozens of babies. This is devastating for a newborn whose immune system is not up to speed yet. 

This practice is not carried out by most Jews, and Jews -- like Bloomberg -- have been among the most vocal critics.  Even the Israeli Pediatric Assoc -- comprising, one would think, their share of Jews -- has called for an end to of this disgusting ritual.  The US is cracking down, too.   The CDC issued a report stating that the rate of infant herpes infection caused by mohels just in NYC is about 1 per year. Two NYC babies died from herpes contracted from a blood-sucking mohel.  Others have been brain damaged.  Although the OJs generally will not reveal the identity of the mohels responsible for these tragedies, according to the NYT, one mohel, Yitzchok Fischer, was responsible for a number of them, including at least one death. In 2007 he was banned by health officials from performing the ritual in NYC.

But it is not just the mohel who is guilty.  If you want to get your skin crawling, have a look at this from The NY Jewish Week:

The CDC report also notes that one family whose child was infected chose to use the same mohel on another son three years later, who also became infected. Further, according to the report, in the case of an infant who died this past September, “the parents would not directly answer questions about whether direct orogenital suction occurred.” However, The Jewish Week obtained recordings of conversations involving family members of the deceased infant that indicated that [orogenital suction] was in fact a part of the bris ceremony and that the mother planned to use the same mohel again if she were to have another son.

If this account is true, these parents ought to have their children taken away and they should be locked up for child abuse.  The Brooklyn DA was investigating in Mar.2012, but I haven't found the outcome.

Here is the CDC's analysis of the health situation:

Oral contact with a newborn's open wound risks transmission of HSV and other pathogens. Circumcision is a surgical procedure that should be performed under sterile conditions. Health-care professionals advising parents and parents choosing Jewish ritual circumcision should inquire in advance whether direct orogenital suction will be performed, and orogenital suction should be avoided.

Being a Jew himself and seeing the coming political storm, Bloomberg initially backed Fischer, the herpes-infected mohel, and blocked attempts to outlaw Jews’ ritual sucking baby’s penises. But he did agree to allow the NYC Board of Health to require that the parents sign a consent form before the ritual could be carried out. This means that if the baby contracts herpes or some other awful disease from one of these foul-mouthed [literally] mohels, the parents can be held criminally responsible for child abuse -- and they should be, with or without the consent form, in my opinion.  I cannot believe that New York and every other state does not have a statute making oral-genital contact between an adult and child illegal.  If exposing your child to a potentially fatal disease through oral-genital rituals is not child abuse, then we have become a sick society, indeed. 

The NYC Board of Health voted 9-0 for the consent form.  Not a single one of them was willing to be complicit in ritualized pedophilia. And they are pushing hard to get parents to listen to reason, not religion.  Here is the NYC Health Department’s webpage on the dangers of this ritual and here is the simple, direct consent form, which identifies the parents and the moyle, presumably so they can all be busted if the baby dies from herpes or some other STD.

Of course the OJ’s went absolutely ballistic -- "a firestorm" is the way the MSM always puts it. You likely didn’t know this, but there is such a thing as the American Board of Ritual Circumcision. This is not a joke. There is also an International Bris [circumcision] Association. These are groups of rabbis dedicated to protecting ritual genital mutilation, including metzitah b’peh. And, of course, they are behind the lawsuits that are rolling in asserting, essentially, that infant ritual-fellatio is their 1st Amendment right.  Link.









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