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Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Post-elections, NYT resumes acting as Israel proxy in the effort to pull the US into a war with Iran

Now that the Israeli and US elections are over and Obama and Bibi are once again staring at each other across the abyss of Iran, the NYT is doing what it can to give the war a nudge.  Just as they did with the Iraq fiasco, the NYT would love to gin up another US attack on a Muslim country. It is not by coincidence that NYT is owned and run by -- you guessed it -- Jews, who have their "homeland" in Israel.

With her editors' marching orders well in hand, Isabel Kershner writes a saber rattling proxy piece for Israel dated Jan26.2013 facilitating Israel's threats that Obama has a plan -- a surgical plan, no less -- to take out Iran's alleged nuke bomb program.  The Kershner piece itself is worthless pap, but it includes a link to a Nov18.2012 NYT timeline that is helpful in organizing one's understanding of the Iran problem, although the facts should be carefully double-checked, given the source.

Kershner quotes Herbert Krosney, who, she alleges, is "an American-Israeli analyst and the author of a book about the arming of Iran and Iraq."  The book is never identified, so I don't know about that.  Maybe he did; maybe he didn't.  But if they're not willing to give its title, can't be much of a book. Krosney's contribution to Kershner's piece was the mind-boggling revelation that Israel probably can't take on Iran's buried nukes alone.  Thanks, very helpful comment.  A bit aged, but when you're out to rattle sabers you don't really need new material. At a minimum one would think Krosney or Kershner would remind us that Israel's problem is that only a B-2 or a B-52 can carry the enormous bunker-buster that is needed to reach all the way into Iran's cookie jar, and Israel doesn't have a B-2 or a B-52.  









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