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Huffington Post hits a disgusting new low in dishonesty. 

This is about as cheap and disgusting as "reporting" gets -- left-wing pedophile tabloid HuffPo echoing left-wing pollster Public Policy Polling resorting to distorted stats to discredit FOX.  Now, just let me say before lighting this flame that I am no friend of FOX.  From what I see, their people are often, if not generally, dishonest.  But that is precisely the way I would also characterize a lot of left wing media, including HuffPo.  So I got no partisan pickles in this picnic -- I deplore dishonesty regardless which wing-nuts are spewing it.    

Rebecca Shapiro has put up an article on HuffPo today titled "Fox News' Credibility At Record Low: PPP Poll"  I don't know her work, but with this article Shapiro is now on my personal list of online writer having very low standards for honesty. Here's the subtle way she twists the PPP results:

Just like last year, researchers also found that Fox News is both the least trusted and most trusted network when compared to the other networks in the survey. Thirty-four percent said they trust Fox News the most, while 39 percent said they trust it the least.

You're right.  That doesn't look like she's "twisting" anything.  But here's the actual poll, and what it says is that 41% of those polled say they trust FOX and 43% said they do not. That score for trust was higher than any other outlet except PBS.  

The number Shapiro reports of 34% for trusting FOX sounds pretty bad, but it means nothing in a vacuum, and Shapiro knows that.  The question Shapiro is referring to asked folks to choose from a list of 8 outlets the one they trust most.  If all outlets were equal, they would each get 12.5% of the vote.  FOX got 34%, which was more than 2x more than the next closest, PBS at 13%.  NBC only got 5% indicating very low trustworthiness.  So this question clearly supports FOX's claim to be the most trusted name in news.

The flip side of that question was to choose from the same list the outlet you trust least, and FOX also came out as least trusted by a large margin.  Again, NBC was at the bottom of this question at 3%, this time indicating very high trustworthiness.  And so, particularly in view of the NBC results, the only conclusion possible is that the poll is totally meaningless and is just being used by the lefties to rip FOX. 

What Shapiro and the left-wing PPP did was to jump on the fact that FOX's rating was down from last year and they have turned that into a headline to try to gin up a news event.  

For Shapiro to twist this thing like she did indicates a deep capacity for dishonesty on her part and on HuffPo's.  The irony is that this sort of dishonesty is just what HuffPo accuses FOX of.   









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