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Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Good Cops/Bad Cops (and Lawyers and Judges)


Dornerís accusations of unjustified violence by LA cops proven 100%

  Chief Beck

It just donít get more ironic or more moronic than this. Youíve got a LAPD cop, Christopher Dorner, gone completely nutter publishing a fuck-the-blue-line rant accusing LA cops of using excessive force and then going out and killing three people.  So far. Then, youíve got idiot LA cops thinking they are executing a cop-killer by ramming and wildly opening fire on innocent people in their vehicles in Torrence, Ca.

First they try to execute the occupants of a pick up that does not even vaguely match the description of Dornerís truck -- different color, different make, different model, and, of course, different tags. This turns out to be a couple of harmless, unarmed women delivering newspapers, 71 year old Emma Hernandez (still in ICU) and her 47 year old daughter, Margie Carranza.  The fucking idiot cops sprayed Ms Hernandez's truck with at least 40 rounds. Neighbors reported hearing over 100 shots. If these were side-arms the cops were using, then they had to stop, swap magazines, and open up again.  It was only by the grace of God that some person lying in their own bed didn't get hit with a stray round. 


This was not an attempt to stop, verify, and arrest. This was an execution attempt. Ladies, I hope you survive this because there is no a jury in this country that would not make you multi-millionaires.

But the fuck-wits in blue still werenít done terrorizing Torrence and  turning normal people into millionaires. Next they ram a black Honda pickup (not even vaguely matching Dornerís vehicle) a couple blocks away and open fire on that truck. No warnings, no lights, nothing. The guy escapes only because of his air-bags and because these Keystones couldnít hit the side of a barn from the inside.


No doubt these cops have some justification for peeing in their panties like little girls.  Most people don't function optimally when they are a target.  But these are not most people; they're trained cops.  I am waiting for LAPD to release the ID of the two cops Dorner shot up in the cop car.  If one of those cops was Sergeant Teresa Evans who set Dorner off by kicking a mentally ill man in the head while he was handcuffed and then got promoted to Sergeant, according to Dornerís testimony and nutter-rant, then that would mean Dorner has access to inside information about where his targets are on a minute-to-minute basis. That would be even more ominous than just a well-trained, well armed nut case running loose in SoCa.

But running loose or not, Dorner is not the biggest threat to these California communities -- their own cops are.  Dornerís killings are targeted; heís not spraying the neighborhood with bullets. While copsí killings are normally random, these two particular shoot-ups indicate just how psychotic these LA cops really are.

But if you need more indicators of constabulary psychosis, just listen to the chief cop, Charlie Beck. First he attempts to excuse the attempted execution of Hernandez and Carranza as "mistaken identity by the officers." And then, according to Tami Abdollah at the AP, he has the balls to publicly offer the family of the victims of his death squad a new truck. Very classy, Charlie. We know the game youíre playing: dumb Mexicans, a new truck will probably shut them up. 

As for any black guys in SoCa who look even vaguely like Dorner in the cops' eyes -- that is, over 4 ft high and, well . . . black, I would just stay inside with the curtains drawn until this thing plays out. 









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