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Media Fails


Daily Mail cocks it up again.  Stupidity and incompetence only the British could tolerate.


Update: Moments after I posted this article, DM, scrambling to hide their incompetence, probably after receiving a flood of derisive comments, took down the Marzouki headline and article.  But here's the goods on them.  

I try to save these media fails up for a few weeks and throw a bunch of them out at once, but some of them are just too egregious to wait.  I admit that I go to the UK Daily Mail more than daily because they get to stories faster than most.  But it is not the getting to stories first that makes a competent news service, it is the editing.  And the DM has a caged gang of orangutans for editors.  And that is being complimentary.   

Above is the Feb10.13 home page headline for a story on Tunisia's embattled President Moncef Marzouki.  The photo is, of course, Egypt's embattled President, Mohamed Morsi.  

Here is what Marzouki looks like.

  Moncef Marzouki


Here is the actual  revised Feb10.13 DM story on Marzouki .  

Here is what the original looked like:


Don't let 'em kid you.  It's Mohamed Morsi.  These DM editors are so grossly incompetent, they wouldn't know who they were looking at if they were looking in a mirror.










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