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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Israel & Middle East


The Times of Israel: Prototypic Israeli bullshit in action

Israeli warmongering agents who spread rumors of Iran having a nuke have been at it for at least a decade. They include John Bolton, David Albright, Yukiya Amano, George Jahn, and, of course, virtually every editor of every Israeli newspaper. An article in today’s Times of Israel is a good example of their modus operandi: stir the pot with speculation and rumors based on unnamed, covert sources "close" to someone who knows something. This is the exact same formula that got over 100,000 Iraqis and 5000 Americans killed in the Iraq War.

The Times of Israel is an online rag run by David Horovitz, who was formerly an editor at the Jerusalem Post. It is funded by Seth Klarman who runs the hedge fund Baupost Group, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Here’s their idea of journalism:

The salacious ToI headline on Mar29.2013 reads: "Iran said advancing ‘at murderous pace,’ could have bomb by July" 

Of course, when you drill down into the article to find out who said that, you don’t get any answers. "Said" refers to no one. OK, someone may have said it, like some taxi driver, but you’ll never find out who that someone is by reading the article.

Furthermore, regardless what the taxi driver said, what the actual article quotes "unnamed security sources" as saying is quite different: Not that Iran could have a bomb by July but that "Iran could have the capability to build a nuclear bomb by July."

Obviously having a bomb and having the capability of building a bomb are two entirely different things. America had the capability of building a nuke in 1943 but didn’t have one until 1945. But what does "capability" mean? Does it mean know-how? Well, that must be a minimum. Does it mean having all the components in place, including the plutonium or enriched uranium? One would think so. And at that point do they have a bomb? No. How long does it take to assemble and test the components? Hmmm.

What about the "murderous pace" characterization? Yeah, anytime you use the word "murder" in a sentence, it’s pretty scary. So, who said that? Dunno’. It was another anonymous source, this time talking to another Israeli rag, the Maariv. Can we figure this out?

Well, that "murderous pace" comment refers back to a simulated nuclear explosion allegedly carried out by Iran at the end of 2012. OK, now we know where we’re going – that simulated nuclear explosion story came from an idiot article George Jahn wrote about a sophomoric bell-shaped graph that has been ridiculed by just about every commentator in the world, including me.

This bell-shaped BS is hitting all the Israeli rags because there’s nothing like a bell-shaped curve with Persian sub-titles to get Israelis’ knickers in a twist. I mean nothing looks more scientific that the ole’ BSC. Link    

Google: "George Jahn bell-shaped curve" and you’ll get lots of commentary on this BS.  Here is Garh Porter's excellent dissection of Jahn's idiocy. 

The only conclusion we can draw for this ToI article is that it is just one more Israeli warmongering prick in the wall.




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