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Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Israel & Middle East

Rogue nuke state Israel ambassador: wipe NoKo off the map

One of the many interesting news stories that was buried by the marathon bombs coverage last week was this shit-head, Israeli mouthpiece, Dan Gillerman, excoriating Kerry for trying to lower the temperature on the Korean peninsula. Gillerman’s opinion, stated on (you guessed it) FOX news, is that NoKo should be "wiped off the face of the map" because of Kim Jong-un’s recent rhetoric. Gillerman’s rationale? Well, he reckons that by killing 25 million North Koreans the US "will send a message" to Iran, and, of course, that would suit Israel just fine.

This Gillerman clown was Israel’s ambassador to the UN for many years, which says volumes about Israel and the way it views the rest of the world. Basically, Israel would be willing to have the US incinerate 25 million people for no other reason than to send a message to Israel’s enemy.

Gillerman complains that NoKo is a nuclear state. He complains that for years NoKo has developed and tested nuclear weapons. But, hold on . . . Israel is a nuclear state, too. Israel lied to the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations for years while it was building its Dimona nuke-bomb plant, not realizing the US had U-2's in the air most of the time. Israel has designed, built, and tested nukes for decades, including building at least one thermonuclear warhead.

If there is a dangerous nuclear rouge state out there, it is Israel. Israel threatened to nuke Cairo in 1973 if Nixon did not send fighter jets to help push back the Egyptians. So Jong-un's threats to nuke Seoul are taken out of the Israeli play-book.

Israel has carried out unprovoked attacks on virtually every one of its neighbors. Israel has been overtly threatening to attack Iran for a decade. Israel has hidden its arsenal of hundreds of nuke warheads from the world and has refused to join the Non-proliferation Treaty while calling for sanctions against Iran for Iran’s alleged violations of the NPT. And now this ex officio spokesman for Israel is advocating wiping NoKo off the map.

The other news buried by the Boston bombs is that the US is providing $10bn worth of offensive military gear to Israel, including Boeing KC-135 in-flight refueling planes, which will extend the Israeli nuclear menace virtually around the world.  

Giving Israel these re-fueling planes is an about-face of a policy the US has had for as long as those planes have been flying.  Obama has pledged to reduce the nuclear threat in this world, and he provides a rogue state like Israel with the means to nuke any country in the world?  WTF???

The US needs to be re-thinking where the real threats lie. Gillerman went ballistic on Kerry – pardon the pun – because instead of the US incinerating NoKo Kerry merely warned that the world will not tolerate a nuclear NoKo. I went ballistic over Kerry’s soft comment, too, but for a different reason. The warning that needs to go out is that the world will no longer tolerate a nuclear Israel. No position would do more to make the world safer than that one.




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