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by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News Potpourri

News Potpourri for May24.2013 

PA judge busted for snorting the evidence.

Why do we have to go to the Russian press for these stories? Pennsylvania judge Paul Pozonsky has been busted for stealing the evidence – coke.  Yep, another loser judge story. We’re still waiting to here about creepy Texas judge Eric Williams and his wife Kim, busted last month for killing a DA and DA assistant.

Gitmo honcho not fit for duty

  Col. John Bogdan, shit-bird 

John V. Bogdan is in charge of Gitmo – the shit on him is starting to hit the fan. Al Jazeera reports that uniformed lawyers for Gitmo prisoners have contacted Hagel w/ a 13 pg letter requesting that Bogdan be relieved of duty – which means "shit-canned" in military-talk. Seems there is good evidence that Bogdan has perjured himself.  A copy of the letter is in the AJ article.

Speaking of Gitmo, I'm still laughing from this line by Ryan J. Reilly at HuffPo.  Where he says "military," read Bogdan.

As the military tells it, prisoners in Guantanamo's Camp Six had it about as good as prisoners being held indefinitely without charges possibly could.

Ignoranus – n.  a stupid ass-hole; i.e. Thomas Cotton, (R-Ark)

New ignoranus on the block. 

Cotton, a new congressman in 2013, introduced a bill that would make it a crime to be the relative of an Iranian who has been sanctioned by the US. That’s right – if your father has committed a crime, you are guilty, too.  The concept is called "corruption by blood" and it was prohibited by the US Constitution hundreds of years ago. 

This anti-Constitutional creep is actually a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law, which suggests Harvard is going downhill faster than we thought on the basis of the President and his nasty habit of employing totalitarian tactics used by the Nazis, China, Stalin, and Israel -- tactics like holding people for years without charging them.  Obama and this Cotton creep probably have a lot to talk about besides their Harvard days.  

Israel feels America’s pain . . . yeah, really.

It’s 6am the day after a monster tornado flattened Moore, OK. I am cruising the international news websites. The UK press is all over this story. The Russian press is all over it. New Zealand. Australia. It seems that only the Israeli press is too fucking self-centered to give a shit about anything or anybody not Jewish, and how Jewish can Moore, OK be? Times of Israel – not a word. Harretz – a tiny headline at the very bottom of the page. Arutz Shiva – same as Harretz.  Remember, these people in Moore are among the US taxpayers giving Israel $8 million of their money every day of the year. Gratitude . . . .

Incidentally, RT was following the story so closely it was hours ahead of HuffPo, MSNBC, and CNN in reporting that the body count dropped from 91 to 24.  Hopefully, some mental midgets at the Oklahoma City Medical Examiner's office have been furloughed until they learn to count. 




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