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Good cops/Bad cops

May 27.2013
Armando Saldate and Noel Levy should face charges of capital perjury.

  Armando Saldate: this little piggy goes to court . . .

In my opinion anyone who perjures themselves to put another person in jailor on death row should automatically face the same penalty that the other person faced.  The same goes for any prosecutor who knows of the perjury and does not report it to the court and uses it to obtain a conviction.  If the defendant is being tried for a capital crime, then the perjury and its use by the prosecutor should also be capital crimes.

In the case of Debra Jean Milke, we have a fat-ass lying Phoenix cop named Armando Saldate and a duplicitous, lying Maricopa County prosecutor named Noel Levy who teamed up to deprive Milke of her rights and put her on death row for the killing of her son.

After 22 years of Milke sitting on death row, in March the Chief Judge Alex Kozinski writing for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals finally began to straighten this mess out.  If you know Kozinski and his opinions, you know that when he gets his teeth into someone’s ass, he’s going to shake them until their teeth come loose. And that’s just what he did.  Kozinski's opinion.

Kozinski ripped Saldate apart for the cop's long history of lying to convict people in Maricopa County. Kozinski not only outed Saldate by name, he provided a table of all of the times Saldate had been caught fucking people over – at least two of whom were accused of murder. This cop is to truth and justice what using a rattlesnake turd for deodorant is to good hygiene. In fact, this cop is a rattlesnake turd.

  Noel Levy: and this little piggy does, too. 

But no more so than the fuck-wit prosecutor who convicted Milke by hiding Saldate’s disgusting history from Milke’s lawyers. That turd’s name is Noel Levy. Being a lawyer himself, Kozinski didn’t name Levy in the scathing opinion – it’s called "professional courtesy." But Kozinski did, in his opinion, make it clear that he was bringing in the U.S. DoJ to look at these creeps and the way Maricopa County convicts people.

Here's what Kozinski ordered:

Upon production of the certification described above or the conclusion of the evidentiary hearing, the district court shall order Milke released unless the state notifies the court within 30 days that it intends to retry Milke, and actually commences Milke’s retrial within 90 days.

The clerk of our court shall send copies of this opinion to the United States Attorney for the District of Arizona and to the Assistant United States Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, for possible investigation into whether Saldate’s conduct, and that of his supervisors and other state and local officials, amounts to a pattern of violating the federally protected rights of Arizona residents.

That second order is dynamite.  Kozinski is, in effect, telling Holder to go in there and exterminate this nest of vipers in Maricopa County.  It's about time. 

Kozinski’s opinion was dated Mar14.2013. That means Arizona had until Apr14.2013 to certify that they had turned over all of the crap they had on Saldate to Milke’s attorneys and set a date for re-trying Milke.

Because Kozinski was writing for a panel of just three appellate judges, Arizona Atty Gen Tom Horne asked the entire appellate court to re-hear the case. That request was denied in early May , leaving Horne only a couple of weeks to: 1) file a further appeal with the US Supreme Court, or 2) notify Kozinski that they have complied with his order and will re-try Milke, or 3) release Milke. 

As of this date, I can find no indication that they have done any of these, and neither can Paul Huebl at CrimeFileNews.  As Huebl observes: Arizona is not going to appeal this thing because "[t]he more they try to stir this pot of excrement the worse it will smell."  

Don’t look now, Paul, but the entire justice apparatus of Maricopa County is a pot of excrement – note that infamous Sheriff Joe just got slammed by as US judge of constitutional violations of Latinos. 

Arizona's problem with the Milke case is that if they release Milke, you know damn well that before she even changes out of her orange jump suit her lawyers will have filed a federal lawsuit against Arizona, Maricopa, Levy and Saldate.  So all of the shit Levy and Maricopa have been trying to hide is going to come out anyway.  Don't look now, but this lady is a millionaire. 



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