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by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News Potpourri

News Potpourri for May29.2013 

  Kiddie-killer and bad-ass SWAT cop Joe Weekly

Cowboy SWAT cop going to trial for killing child.

Detroit cop Joseph Weekly is going to stand trial for shooting 7yo Aiyana Stanley in the head during a SWAT raid on her home. Originally, Weekly lied by saying that the girl’s grandmother grabbed his gun. When no gunpowder was found on the grandmother, Weekly's lawyer claims it was all just a misunderstanding and he didn't mean to pull the trigger. The Detroit prosecutor says it was manslaughter.  Sounds like murder to me.  Wikipedia

There's a film of the way this whole thing went down, but apparently it has not yet been released.  It turns out this Weekly turd is an egotistical reality TV star on one of those cop shows. And, in fact, it is alleged that this whole SWAT raid went down in the violent way it did to satisfy the A&E camera team who were there. One of those A&E ghouls, Allison Howard, has also been indicted in this case – for perjury and obstruction of justice. It is claimed that Howard partied later that fatal night with her police boyfriend at the home of another witness. So it probably wouldn't shock anyone with a brain if she’s willing to lie to cover her ass and the cops’.  Source 

In addition to the Stanley killing, this Weekly pig has been charged by the US DoJ for threatening children with a gun in another screwed up house invasion by the cops. 

But the point of this post is that if these cowboys can’t control their firearms, they shouldn’t have firearms. If they want to strut around like armed pricks, then they need to be held responsible when they screw up. 


  SWAT pig on the way to the pen.

peaking of prick cowboy SWAT pigs

If Joe Weekly thinks no jury will ever convict a SWAT cop, he has another thought coming.  Back in April a jury in Minneapolis convicted SWAT team leader Sgt. David Clifford of 1st, 3rd, and 5th degree assault for his brutal attack on a bar patron, which left the poor guy brain damaged for life. Clifford is going to do 7 years unless he wins an appeal – those will be 7 years that the citizens of Minneapolis will be all the safer. Link 

Too slow to raise the $5,000 bribe lands Mormon mom of 7 in Mexican jail.

Add this one to your list of countries Americans should stay out of: Mexico

Never mind the tens of thousands that have been brutally murdered in Mexico’s drug wars, Americans should stay out of Mexico not just because of the hair-trigger drug runners but because of the crooked cops – a warning that has been out there for many decades. 

Take the case of the Arizona Mormon mother of 7, Yanira Maldonado, who got on a bus in Mexico with her husband to return to Arizona after attending the funeral of her aunt. The bus was raided by cops who "found" coke under her seat. When the couple didn’t offer a $5,000 bribe fast enough, Maldonado was jailed to await formal charges.  If she's not released by 6 pm this Friday (May31), Maldonado will be sucked into the Mexican federal prison system and could disappear for weeks for weeks or months. Here’s a link to the family’s FB page so you can see what they’re going through. 

So stay out of Mexico, not just because you could be next to sit in their stinking jails, but because scum-bag countries like this should not be awarded with American tourist dollars. The story



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