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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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None Dare Call It Murder 

  Smith, Ford and Khattak

As far as I can see, virtually everything about Torontoís mayor, Rob Ford, is crazy, most of all the idiot Canadians who elected him and his brother. So just go ahead and scratch Canadians -- or at least Torontonians --  off your list of the ten most rationale peoples in the world because youíd have to be a bunch of complete wackos to even consider casting a vote for these two.

From pretty funny stuff to not so funny after all
Because I am an American living in Canada I have followed Fordís crazy "crackgate" case with amusement up to now, sort of with the attitude Jon Stewart had in his take of it Ė those crazy Canadians, what wonít they do next? But now the case is looking like a murder case, and I ainít laughiní no more. Up until a couple of days ago the MSM has essentially ignored the murder aspects of this case, but now they are beginning to take note.  The murder aspect first came to my attention by means of an anonymous Daily Mail article on May28.13. 

Photos, videos, crack, and lies
You will recall that the shit hit Fordís fan on May16 when Gawkerís John Cook posted an article about a video he had seen showing Ford smoking crack with a bunch of dudes in Toronto.  The Toronto Star published a similar account.  Not many people have seen that video yet, and we donít know who those dudes are. Cook has raised $200,000 to buy the video but canít find the sellers. They are all hiding under the bed.

But we do have a still photo that was supposed to have been taken at the same time as the vid. It shows Ford posing with three dudes Ė pic above Ė one of whom is flipping the camera the bird Ė only Ford looks like he's enjoying himself.  The guy with the errant finger and zombie eyes is Anthony Smith, 21. The guy with the light hood is Muhammad Khattak, 19. Ford is the white guy.

We can deduce that if this photo was taken at the same time as the video that is supposed to show Ford blowing the crack, than the date of that pharmacological incident was before Mar28.2013 because on that date both Smith and Khattak were shot, Smith fatally. Khattak survived and has gone under the bed, too.  Murder, she wrote.

Murder she wrote
Smithís death would have passed into oblivion like so many tragic, un-noteworthy inner city shootings but for the fact that somebody clearly wants to bring down Ford. That somebody contacted Cook at Gawker in early May2013 with a tip that they had the video of Ford doing crack. Cook went to Toronto to see the vid, and confirms that it shows Ford smoking crack.  No doubt about it. The guy who took the video and who is trying to shop it said it was taken "[w]ithin the last six months" (from early May).  Again, if the photo of Smith was taken when the video was, that places the date of the video at between early Dec2012 and Mar28.2013, the night Smith was killed.

Looks to me like whoever showed the video to Cook and the Toronto Star is out to get even with Ford and wants to make some serious money for future coke purchases at the same time. Why would the coke heads want to bring down one of their own buds? 

Well, no matter how much coke Ford is or isnít buying from these guys, and no matter how chummy they all look in the photo, when everybody gets straight, itís clear that Ford isnít one of their buds. Heís white and heís rich.

Motive and means
No, if there is a motive for Ford to have Smith and Khattak shot, itís likely the video. If Ford believes that these guys had or controlled a video of him smoking coke, then he clearly has sufficient motive to put himself on the short list of murder suspects. And there is absolutely no doubt that a powerful fat guy like Ford in a filthy city like Toronto would have the means to take out a couple of kids.  Motive and means -- I mean that's 2/3 of the way to an indictment right there.

It is interesting, then, that yesterday Ford announced that the video doesnít exist. Period. Not that it never existed, mind you, but that it doesnít. Which could mean "doesnít exist anymore."

It is also interesting that the Toronto Star has reported that Fordís chief of staff, who has just been fired, called the cops to report a link between the video and "the death of a man photographed with the mayor." 

If the cops donít make a bust on this one real soon, youíd be justified in wondering about them, too.  This thing smells worse than a hockey team's locker room.



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