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News Potpourri

News Potpourri for Jun06.2013 

Politicians destroying America -- Part 1.

  Joe Griffo -- wants to turn every bust into a 4-yr. felony.

In spite of the endless news stories on cops beating up and killing innocent people, nematode state senator Joe Griffo of New York wants to be sure the people never try to defend themselves against police assaults.  Griffo has introduced a new felony -- "aggravated harassment" of cops.  This is to be  a felony with a possibility of 4 years in prison for anyone who subjects a cop "to personal contact" with the intent to annoy or alarm the cop, making cops The Untouchables, as puts it.  Since getting arrested necessarily requires subjecting a cop personal contact, then every time a person gets busted they could potentially face the additional charge of intending to annoy the cop.  A traffic stop that results in arrest could very easily turn into a felony case -- especially if you're black.  Or take the example of Grffo himself when he got busted in 1988 for supplying alcohol to minors -- under his own bill he could have ended up in the slammer for 4 years.  This freaking bill passed the NY senate 50-14 yesterday, Jun05.13. That's right, 50 anti-constitutional sickos in the NY senate. 

Politicians destroying America -- Part 2.

  Chief cockroach architect of the Patriot Act, Jim Sensenbrenner. 

With Obama using the so-called Patriot Act to demand and obtain records of every single call handled by Verizon, as reported by the UK Guardian yesterdayNow the Guardian reports that NSA has direct on-going access to the personal data held in databases of Google, Apple, Facebook and other internet giants.  Virtually every electronic conversation every American has is collected by the government, thanks to Congress, Bush, Obama, and the Patriot Act.

Of course in the flood of outrage the Guardian articles have triggered, the real culprit in this mess, Jim Senswenbrenner (R-Wis), who is the father of the Patriot Act, got all defensive. "Seizing phone records of millions of innocent people is excessive and un-American," Sensenbrenner emoted -- suggesting that when he drafted this load of crap he was too stupid to see where it was sure to go.  But he had to say something.  After all, if there is no place for a cockroach to run when the lights come on, getting defensive is about all they can do.  Hopefully, the voters will wake up and start stepping on as many of these cockroaches as they can. 

Politicians destroying America -- Part 3. 

Bushama -- alienating American's inalienable rights since 2001  

Of course, none of these attacks on he Constitution could happen without the sitting president's blessing, and who would have thought that a constitutional lawyer from Harvard would end up making Bush look like William O. Douglas, but there you have it. 

Juan Cole has put up a characteristically insightful post on the Guardian's revelations about the Patriot Act-inspired constitutional abuses.  Cole knows something about being the target of government surveillance.  A 2011 NYT article by Pulitzer Prize winner James Risen tells how in 2005 the White House instructed David Low, a CIA-spook supervisor, to dig up dirt on Cole because Cole, a professor at the University of Michigan, was blogging unpleasant things about Bush.  IOW, Low was to Bush as Hoover was to Nixon, the main difference being that it is illegal for the CIA to spy on Americans inside America.  Risen himself became Obama's target for writing a story about the US sabotaging Iran's computer systems.  

Please note, This is not Jim Rosen, the NYT writer who's surveillance by Obama has produced a huge MSM outcry.  Risen's case is rarely mentioned in the MSM -- maybe he's not Jewish.       

US kiddie-killers are coming out of the woodwork this week.

Kiddie-killer Brandon Bryant -- Bobby Bales times 30.

Only in sicko America can a kiddie-killer escape execution by admitting that he's guilty.  This happens over and over again -- some DA takes the death penalty off the table because the perp is guilty and admits it.  Seems to me that the death penalty ought to be mandatory for anyone who has killed children and admits it.  But there you have it: sicko America has agreed not to execute kiddie-killer Bobby Bales who has admitted single-handedly butchering 16 Afghanis, mostly women and children.  Of course, the Afghan families knew -- and said they knew -- when the Army spirited Bales back to America that there was no hope of getting justice.  But maybe, just maybe, the judge will refuse to accept the plea deal.    

And then you have the military's multiple kiddie-killers who get paid for doing what they do.  Today the MSM lit up with a story about ex-drone pilot Brandon Bryant whining about having PTSD.  Poor baby.  After 5 years of pulling the trigger on people who maybe were, maybe weren't combatants, Bryant now turns media-star to tell the world how much it has disturbed him.  He says his boss gave him a scorecard showing that his tally was 1626 people and he's sorry now that he know the number.  He's afraid it makes him sound like a cold blooded killer, which, coincidently, is exactly what he is.  Of course, while his tally pains him, he's proud enough of it he wants you to know the number, which is why he's going public with it.  

From ground reports, it is estimated that about 30% of the people being killed by these drone pilots are innocent civilians, which means that a lot of them are children.  Some of the targets are public buildings and public gatherings.  Then there's the "double-tap" where the drone operator makes his kill, waits until people arrive to assist the downed "enemy" and then opens up on the rescuers.  Well, 30% of 1626 is almost 500, Brandon.    

Yeah, we should all feel sorry for poor, 1626 Brandon Bryant.  He's Bobby Bales multiplied by 30 -- just doin' America's dirty work.  Consider that that both of these young men may have 50 years of life ahead of them.  And consider how long a time that is to be hoping there ain't no hell when the time runs out.  The US kiddie killers from the Vietnam era don't have much longer to be wondering about that -- they're going to know some day soon.     

The experts' experts wade into the IRS fray and totally screw it. 

Last month I posted a waaay long piece here in which I argued that the Republican witch-hunting accusations against the IRS mules were bogus until someone could show that the mules disproportionally flagged words associated with right wing groups as opposed to left wing groups.  The IRS were looking for political groups who were illegally applying for 503(c)(4) status, so of course they would search on terms like "tea party."  If they didn't, they weren't doing their job.  The problem comes if they weren't also searching on terms that would likely be used by liberal groups -- terms like "choice" and "LGBT."  

Well, somebody must be reading this godforsaken blog b/c two weeks after my spew Tax Analysts published a preliminary attempt to do just what I was talking about.  They looked at whether the political spectrum was divided between right wing nuts and left wing nuts in the 503(c)(4) applications.  The analysis is limited, however, b/c the IRS will not release information on applications that are rejected.  All that Tax Analysts could do was evaluate the 503(c)(4) applications that were initially flagged and then allowed.  Of these there were 46 (27%) with Tea Party, Patriots, or 9/12 in their name, 76 (45%) other conservative organizations, 48 (28%) nonconservative organizations, and six (04%) organizations about which they could make no determination.  

Now, while this analysis is at least a step in the right direction, it is virtually useless.  Without knowing the distribution of all of the applications that were filed, there is no way one can make any sense out of the Tax Analysts' numbers.  The only conclusion you can draw is that they must not be very good analysts.  Also, note that while they try to ascertain "conservative" groups, they say nothing about 'liberal" groups.  I mean, "nonconservative" does not mean "liberal," and the point is whether the IRS targeted conservative groups more than they targeted liberal ones.  "Nonconservative" is some sort of dodge, not by the IRS but by Tax Analysts.  I don't know what they're doing with that, probably spin.       



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