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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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-- Media Fails --

Media Fails for Jun10.2013 
Catching up on a few back-logged media goofs from the last few months.

Who raped whom?
AP, Abdi Guled, Feb05.13 

[Just to get this straight: this moron AP reporter accuses the Somali reporter of rape, when it was the Somali reporter who went to prison for reporting the rape.  Anytime the word "rape" appears in an article, someone should go to the trouble of proofreading the article.]

MOGADISHU, Somalia — A Mogadishu court on Tuesday handed down one-year prison sentences to a woman who said she was raped by security forces and a reporter who interviewed her.

USSCt -- handing more down big, whatever that means
MSNBC, front page Jun08.13


If you can understand this one, the Daily Mail has an editor's position for you.
Daily Mail, front page Jun08.13


Died on the back of an envelope -- probably stamped. 
Daily Mail, Becky Lewis, Jun09.13

 A local lawyer has told the newspaper that Amphoux's will has been uncovered and that it was written in the weeks before he died on the back of an envelope.

It's their language, so I guess they can butcher it if they want.
Daily Mail, Front Page, Feb26.13


Not just run-on, but run-on non-sense. 
Daily Mail, Thursday, Mar28.13

[This one is an interesting time-warp: catching today perps who are cutting through a cable yesterday.]

Today Egypt's coastguard caught three divers cutting through an undersea Internet cable on Wednesday, the army said, the first suggestion criminals might be involved in days of severed connections and disruptions online.    

This is basically one of those WTF? lines that only the DM could come up with.
Daily Mail, Guy Walters, May29.13 

[If half are under 25, does that mean a quarter cannot be in their 8th decade?  Something is implied in this statement that is not stated -- maybe it's Mr. Walters' IQ.]

And Islam has age on its side. Whereas a half of British Muslims are under 25, almost a quarter of Christians are approaching their eighth decade. 

Circumcised T-rex goes viral
Daily Mail, Jill Reilly, May30.13

[While the photo of the T-Rex attacking the wedding has been spread all over the Net, the DM was kind enough to provide the close-up to show that even though he doesn’t have a yarmulke, he is definitely Jewish.]

Sorry, dude.  It's not paranoia when they're actually trying to kill you.
RT, Mar28.13

Berezovsky led a solitary existence in his London home, surrounding himself with high-level security and a team of bodyguards which included ex-members of the Israeli secret service Mossad. The tycoon was reportedly paranoid after several assassination attempts against him.

English butchered by DM, Part II
Daily Mail, Laura Collins, Feb05.13

Her was so closely guarded that her name has been on a 'need to know' basis for the vast majority of the State Trooper and federal agents working this case.

English butchered by DM, Part III
Daily Mail, Jan17.13

[Anonymous DM reporter on "new Amityville horror."  Anonymity and stupidity are mutually reinforcing.]

The child was 'a victim of violence,' said Suffolk police Det. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick, confirming there were visible signs of harm. He said the children was a student at a local school, which he would not identify, but they did not attend class Wednesday.

DM doubles down on Oprah Oprah
Daily Mail, Jan17.13

[Headline on front page]

Bikini wax makes lice, endangers species 
Daily Mail, Jan14.13

Add this to the list of ever growing reasons to praise the bikini wax - it may have made pubic lice and endangered species.

English butchered by DM, Part IV
Daily Mail, Snejana Farberov, Helen Pow, James Nye, Jan13.13

[This may be the DM-butchered-English record.  Three reporters, 4 screw-ups in 3 successive sentences.]

Setting up the cameras to lie in wait for whoever [sic]was to return to pick up the hardware, the investigators led by Secret Service Agent Michael placed them in a closet. The surveillance images show Swartz entering the closet three days in a room [sic] and on January 6th 2011 an observing campus police officer saw Swartz attempt to leave MIT property with the laptop and hard drive. Using his white bicylce helmet as a mask, Swartz attempts to cover his face from the camera's [sic] as he tries to retrieve the computer equipment that he left their [sic] weeks before.




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