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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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-- Chevaline Murders --

Chevaline Murders: stupidity of Daily Mail and French cops mucking it up even more (if that's possible). 


Daily Mail "replacement" article.

Coming up on a year after four people were gunned down near the village of Chevaline in the French Alps, the media and police bs gets even deeper.

Daily Mail dishonesty

On Mar24.2013, the UK Daily Mail ran the headline "Man arrested in Alps murder case that massacred British family,"  which in itself pretty well indicates the incompetence of the DM hacks. How is it that a murder case massacres anyone?

That article, which was published anonymously, said that a man suspected of supplying the gun used to kill the family and Sylvain Mollier had been arrested in Switzerland. That was a pretty crazy allegation since the gun has never been found, as I wrote at the time.  As far as I know, not another word was ever said about this "suspect" or his arrest.

Then, this week, Jun24, DM did something both stupid and smelly. It published an article by Martin Robinson that was so badly written it almost could not be interpreted. That article is identified in its link as 2347251. It was about Surrey police arresting Zaid al-Hilli, brother of the murdered man. The Robinson article claimed that this was the first arrest in the case Ė completely contradicting the DM article of Mar24.

The original Robinson article had a timestamp of 10:07 GMT Jun24, it was soon modified slightly without correcting any of the myriad semantic, grammatical, and factual errors, and Peter Allen was added as a co-author.

To give you an idea of how incompetent the Robinson article was, look at this sentence:

Zaid Al-Hilli was held nine months after his sibling Saad Al-Hilli, his wife Ikbal, Mrs Al-Hilliís mother Suhaila al-Allaf, and cyclist Sylvain Mollier, were all shot dead near Annecy, in September last year.

This sentence clearly states that Zaidís sibling, his wife, and his mother-in-law were shot dead, which is, of course, idiocy.  For most of these DM hacks, English is, apparently, a second or third language.  But thatís not the smelly part, thatís just an example of the stupid part.

Today, the same link that originally pointed to  Robinson article Ė 2347251 Ė now goes to a completely different DM article that is authored by Arthur Martin, Christian Gysin, and Neal Sears.  IOW, anyone trying to get to the original Robinson disaster goes to the new article instead -- it's as if the Robinson article never existed.  This new article shows the original timestamp, which is a lie, and an update timestamp of 11:57 GMT, Jun24 Ė three minutes before midnight. Although the original 2347251 article no longer exists on the DM website, but it was captured at Grendel Report.  (It looks like in the Grendel Report re-publishing someone tried to convert the GMT timestamps to EDT and messed up by an hour, probably using British daylight time instead of GMT.)

So, letís just review this DM chicanery. At 10:07 GMT on Jun24 the DM published an article by Robinson about Zaid al-Hilliís arrest. Sometime after that they slightly modified that article and added Peter Allen as co-author. Then, moments before midnight the same day, they replaced the entire text of the Robinson article including the headline, and they replaced the authors, Robinson and Allen, with Martin, Gysin, and Sears, all under the exact same link. Then at 8:48 GMT Jun25 a new article on Zaid al-Hilli is published listing Allen, Martin, Gysin, and Sears as authors.  This article was updated at 9:06 GMT. It adds the information that Zaid was busted because he had ignored a French subpoena.

Maybe itís done all the time, but I have never seen this kind of dishonesty before Ė eradicating an embarrassingly fucked article by completely over-writing it and keeping the link.  So I think itís important to now note that these DM editors are not just stupid Ė as is documented on this website over and over Ė they are devious as well. But letís continue with this Zaid al-Hilli arrest story.

Eric Maillaud has the brains of a nematode

But what about this theory that the al-Hillis were killed by Zaid so he could collect all of the inheritance of the father, Kahdem?  Of course, this theory has been circulating since day one, but it has never really gotten off the ground. In fact, the Zaid theory is been explicitly rejected by investigators.  In a RIZE Productions documentary published on Jun06.2013, Eric Maillaud, the French detective in charge, muses about whether one brother would kill another over an inheritance even if they hate each other, and concludes that the answer is no. Then Maillaud immediately contradicts himself by saying one of the stupidest things a cop in his position could possibly say: some people have so little self-control that if they see the only solution is to kill, then they kill. [RIZE doc at about 31:00]

This dolt detective is suggesting that Zaid had so little "self-control" that he hired a hitman to kill not just his brother, but his nieces, his sister-in-law, and her mother.  I am incredulous at the audacity of this prick.  Maillaud doesn't venture to tell us how wiping out the entire family would be a "solution" to the inheritance dispute?  Saadís part of the inheritance would then be distributed according to his will, which surely did not include Zaid.  Furthermore, if Zaidís self-control was so weak that he would wipe out his entire family, then he would have been busted years ago for other lapses of self-control.  But Saad's best mate described Zaid described in the RIZE doc as being very meek.  He's a dentist, for god's sake. 

But there are other glaring holes in Maillaudís Zaid theory. First of all, Sylvain Mollier was shot first in the massacre, and he took 7 rounds. That indicates clearly that he was the primary target and was killed not by a professional killer but by some amateur in a fit of rage or passion, as I discussed in The Martin Theory.

Second, had the al-Hillis been victims of Zaidís contract killing, then the killers would have had to know that the family was going to be on the mountain when they were. But the RIZE doc states, at about 10:00, that on the day of the murders, al-Hilli asked the campsite manager where a good place to hike would be, and the manager directed them to Chevaline. 

This fact completely destroys all conspiracy theories whether they be international or internecine because it means nobody but the camp manager could know the al Hillis were going to be driving up the Combe díIre that afternoon.  Even the camp manager couldnít know for sure that that's where they were going or when they would be there. 

The RIZE doc also repeats the well known testimony of two people in Chevaline who saw the al-Hillis car pass through the village and said no one was following them. Combine the facts that no one had advance notice where the al-Hillis would be, and nobody was following them, with the fact that Mollier was the first to be killed and he was killed in a hail of bullets, and the idea that Zaid was the killer becomes utterly preposterous.  

Zaid's arrest looks like a diversion.  



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