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On March 3rd the real America-Firsters in Congress 
won't be in Congress


Toxic Amer-iJew, Sheldon Adelson

Perhaps you will recall my post of Jan30.2015 in which I asked if the iJews are running Congress.  The answer is going to be quite clear come March 3rd when "chickenshit" Bibi fronts up to Congress.  And the way you're going to know who is running the place is by counting the Congressmen and Congresswomen present, the more there are, the tighter Israel's control because the ones who are there will be Israel-Firsters.  

It's kinda' mushy at this point but "the Democrats", whatever that means, are threatening to boycott Bibi's speech.  I guess that means "some Democrats," or at least a couple of them.  According to the Jerusalem Post, Pelosi says she'll be there.  I haven't heard any comments from Reid.  But one Democrat who will be conspicuously AWOL will be Joe Biden, who just coincidentally happened to have an out of town engagement that day, according to a press release today.  IOW, Biden doesn't have the balls unequivocally to say "Screw you." to Bibi, but at least he's making a statement.

The problem for Democrats is all those shekels. It makes me laugh the way so many commentators observe that most American Jews vote Democrat.  It's one of those accurate but inane observations. Jews represent less than 3% of the population so it doesn't matter how they vote.  The only thing that matters is the hundreds of millions of dollars the billionaire Jews throw at politicians.  That's the way you keep Congress under your thumb when you are in a tiny minority, so let's stop with the euphemisms about being worried about the "Jewish vote."

Which brings us to Edward-Issac Dovere and Jake Sherman's Politico article today.  The Amer-iJews are trying to paint the Democrats threatening to boycott Bibi's speech as un-American because they don't support Israel.  You heard that right -- now, if you don't support Israel, you're un-American. And Bibi and the Amer-iJews can kiss my goy American ass. But then again, I'm not a politician, and I don't need the shekels, so what do I know?

Matt Brooks of Sheldon Adelson's Republican Jewish Coalition is threatening to take attendance at the speech and go off on any Democrats who don't show.  As Dovere and Sherman note, "there’s at least an implicit threat to use [Adelson's] funds to draw attention in the districts and home states of any member who’s not in the chamber to listen to Netanyahu."  And Mort Klein of the Zionist Organization of America says they will "be publicly condemning any Democrats who don’t show up for the speech—unless they have a doctor’s note.”  I mean, do you get that?  It's another country coming in and threatening Congress that if they don't front up for a speech by the other country's PM, there will be political repercussions for the individual Congressmen.   

So who GAF?  I mean, honestly, how many people in Kansas, or Oregon, or Arizona are going to vote against their representative or senator because they iced Bibi's PR stunt?  Is that what the threat is -- that a bunch of Amer-iJews will spend millions of Adelson's money to let the voters know their guy was AWOL at Bibi's talk?  I don't think so. The threat is that Adelson and the other iJews will use their shekels to back your opponent if you don't do what the iJews demand.  It's called political extortion.  

Brooks, Adelson, Klein are examples of toxic Jews trying to keep Bibi and the Israelis in control of Congress, and this situation epitomizes America's problem. Wonder why America has gone so far in the red since 2003? Got a kid who died in Iraq?  Got any who are going to die in Iran? Ever wonder why Syria is such a mess?  Thank Bibi, the Amer-iJews, and the Neocons -- and the Israel-Firster congressmen from both parties, and I'm talking McCain, Menendez, Warren, Pelosi and a whole pack of them.

So on March 3 you can see exactly who the Israel-Firsters in Congress are -- just take note of who is sitting there listening to Bibi and jumping to their feet and applauding. As for the America-First representatives and senators, they will be the ones you don't see there on that day.  

But here's a very interesting point that is not discussed: Bibi has lost his fight against Obama, big time.  Recall in 2009, 2010, 2011 the issue was whether or not USG + GoI were going to team up and bomb Iran. And the war-planes were warming up. You even had idiot McCain singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb -- bomb bomb Iran" in public. Well, look how the dialog has changed. There has been no bombing hype for two years. The issue now is not a bombing campaign but whether Obama will see his negotiations with Iran through to fruition. All through those bomb Iran years you had a hysteric Bibi telling Congress and the UN and anyone who would listen that Iran was only months or weeks away from having a nuke bomb.  I mean that crap goes back 10 years, and still the only country with nukes in the area is Israel.       



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