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Morons teaching your children


There was a time when teachers, like cops, were assumed to be paragons of virtue, but that was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  Today a teacher raping her students is almost as common a news story as a cop beating and killing innocent people, or ripping off thousands of dollars from motorists through an "asset forfeiture" program.  There are excellent teachers, just like there are excellent cops, but have no doubt: some teachers and education administrators teaching your children are pedophiles and morons, as the following stories suggest: 

7th grade girl gets slutted-out by teacher/vice-principal 

In Mt. Orab, Ohio, Ari Waters showed up at the middle school Valentine's Day dance in a breezy, innocent, sleeveless piece with a brocade top, looking absolutely gorgeous.  But she gets screwed over and insulted by a teacher and vice-principal because her bare arms are considered "sex objects."  Teacher and vice-principal not ID'd, but principal Sabrina Armstrong supports them.  The story viralizes; stories about idiots often do.


9 yo gets suspended from school because of his magic Hobbit ring 

Some of these stories almost have to be spoofs.  Nobody could be stupid enough to suspend a 9 yo for making a "terroristic threat" because he threatened to use his Hobbit ring to make his friend disappear.  No teacher or administrator could possibly be that stupid, but then again, this is Texas and that's what they did to one of the cutest kids you'll ever see, Aiden Steward.


Meet Kermit Elementary principal Roxanne Greer, of Kermit, TX.  Greer is reported to have said "threats to another child's safety would not be tolerated -- wheather magical or not."  IMO, anyone who tries to throttle a child's imagination and characterize him as a terrorist is probably a danger to children, certainly if they are involved in education.  

If this is a spoof, it's sucked in a lot of the media.  First reported by the Odessa American. Retweeted by Raw Story,  The Daily News, The Daily Mail, and the Washington Times.  


Dumb-ass teacher confiscates kids' coats before sending the kids home on a January day

reported that a Charlotte, North Carolina middle school teacher determined that students' coats did not conform to the school's "dress code," and so she did what any self-respecting wicked witch of the west would do -- she confiscated the kids' coats and told them to bugger-off home.  This was not last June, mind you.  It was on January 27, according to FOX news.  The temperature was in the 30's. 

 Chanda Spates, mother of one of the kids, went ballistic -- and good on her.  After -- and only after -- the media got into it, Allison Harris, principal of Ranson IB Middle School, apologized "for this unfortunate situation and the inconvenience this has caused parents."  Wait . . . WTF?  "Inconvenience this has caused parents"?????  The apology itself fully demonstrates that these people have zero empathy for the kids themselves -- they were the ones who had to walk home without coats.


Pederast ex-principal busted in pedophile trap

And here's where it gets serious.  You've got an ex-principal, Dennis D. Blake, 64, busted in Florida thinking he was hooking up with a 15 yo boy who turned out to be a cop.  

The cops found evidence on Blake's phone that he also tried to hook up with a 16 yo boy who contacted Blake on Growlr.  Wait . . . what?  What is a 16 yo doing cruising scum sites like Growlr -- it refers to itself as the "Gay Bear Social Network."  This story is a creep-out any way you look at it.

Just glad I'm not a kid anymore.  Adults are pretty well screwing them over, particularly the morons teaching them.





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