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                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ May 09, 2015 ~

From the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Dept.


Now that Beau Biden is out of office, new Del. AG, Matt Denn, gets 
indictment on white cop, Tom Webster IV, 
videoed drop kicking black man in the face.  

This prick, Cpl Thomas Webster IV, 
should be doing time IMO

Here we've got an open-and-shut case where one cop's dash cam clearly shows another cop, Tom Webster IV, brutally drop-kicking a suspect full in the face as the suspect is getting on the ground as ordered.  Even though the first cop re-adjusts his car so the cam is no longer on the beat-up suspect, there are no ifs, ands, or buts as to what happened. There are no excuses and no valid defenses.  This was out and out felonious assault and battery by a cop and Webster's ass should have been locked up a long time ago.  The victim, Lateef Dickerson lost consciousness and before the car was moved the vid briefly shows him lying limp on the ground.  His jaw was busted. 

Frame from dash cam showing Dickerson being kicked by Webster.  
The yellow sploch near the center is Dickerson's hat flying off from the force of Webster's foot.  

That was in 2013.  It is all clearly shown on the vid and there is no way a prosecutor could fail to get an indictment against Webster unless the prosecutor plain flat didn't want an indictment, after all it's a cop, and you now how that goes.  And Beau Biden, who was then Delaware's AG, apparently didn't want the indictment because the Kent County grand jury "declined" to indict Webster.  Biden's office said they were "disappointed," but then they would say that, wouldn't they?  Although the prosecutors had the video, there is now some question as to whether Biden's people even showed the incriminating video to the first grand jury. 

After the attack on Dickerson, Webster was rewarded with the paid vacation white cops usually get when they beat up, shoot, or kill black people.  It's called "suspended with pay."  And then, after the indictment didn't happen, Webster went back on patrol, which would be a pretty scary thought if I was a black dude in Dover, Del.

But two years later Biden was out as AG and the new AG, Matt Denn, looked at the video and took the case back to the grand jury -- a different grand jury, of course.  That second grand jury indicted Webster for felonious assault. Ain't it funny how two grand juries can look at the same case and one says "no problem" and the other calls it a felony?  That comes down to the power of the prosecutor, just ask Darren Wilson the cop who gunned down Michael Brown and escaped indictment by a grand jury in Ferguson, MO.

Upon being indicted Webster went on leave WITHOUT pay pending resolution of the criminal charges.  Here's the Dover cop-shop's summary of the case.  Mr. Dickerson, the guy whose head was Webster's football, is suing Webster and Dover.  

There are a couple of points here.  First, there is the unnamed second cop -- the one driving the car with the dash cam and who later moved the car so the cam was no longer showing Dickerson.  This guy is particularly interesting in view of my last post in which I proposed that RICO charges should be brought against cops who witness crimes perpetrated by other cops and then keep their mouths shut or otherwise obstruct justice. I mean, what I see in that video is two cops committing crimes.  One is clearly assaulting an unarmed suspect and the other is moving the car around in what could appear to a jury as an attempt to cover up the crime and tamper with the video evidence.

The other point I want to raise is the way the local media treat these cop brutality cases, and I am thinking DelawareOnline in this instance.  This appears to be the online version a Gannett newspaper.  Cris Barrish has written at least two articles on the Dickerson assault and both of them seem to me to be well written, informative, fair, and objective.  Both are dated May08.15. One was about the release of the video and the other one was about whether or not the AG presented the video to the grand jury.  

And then there is Esteban Parra’s asshole May08.15 report for DelawareOnline that was, essentially, a hit-job on the victim, Lateef Dickerson -- the guy who is suing Dover and the cops and will likely end up a lot richer over this.  

Parra's article is titled "Man kicked by Dover officer has lengthy criminal record."  Seems to me that Parra is clearly trying to taint the jury pool.  In addition to painting Dickerson as a "career felon," which according to the article is not true, Parra falsely reports that Webster “tried to take [Dickerson] into custody,” as if Dickerson resisted.  You can look at the video and see very clearly that Dickerson didn't resist at all -- Parra is misstating the facts by implication. He has not replied to my request for comments. 

I have seen no information indicating that Dickerson was the man the cops were looking for or that he committed any crime.  Apparently, he was just an unlucky dude in a white shirt and yellow hat who got kicked full in the face by an idiot cop who, hopefully, will be going to prison.  And although Dickerson was charged with the normal post-brutality charges of “assault and resisting arrest” – neither of which occurred as you can see in the vid – those charges were dropped.  And even if Dickerson has a record 10 miles long, that is completely irrelevant in this case.  Cops don't have anymore right to brutalize people with police records than anybody else.  Webster's nematode lawyer, James Liguori, is using Parra and DelawareOnline to paint the victim as the bad guy here.  

Hopefully, folks in Delaware will have enough brains to look at the video and put Webster away for a while and award Dickerson a pile of money for being on the receiving end of Webster's boot.       




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