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-- Short Shots  --


      Mug shots of Whacko, TX bikers start appearing 


Looks like the Independent won the race to publish these idiots' mug shots. 

What I'm lookin' for is a motorcycle gang with the balls to pick a truthful name and no false advertising in their colors.  Like "The Cretins."  Maybe "MORON" on the bottom rocker. 

I can't help but notice in the photos coming out of Whacko how many of these losers are old guys.  You'd a' thought that 50 or 60 years would be sufficient time to grow enough neurons to make a brain.  Guess not.  Must be the crack.  Send them to ISIS so they can be tough in the face of Obama's drone program. Bonus: by sending them to ISIS you'd increase the average IQ of America and ISIS.


This Arab is freaking me out.

The shades probably fooled you.  You thought it's Joe Biden -- ha, ha, ha.  Joke's on you.  

It's Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the new king of Saudi Arabia and he's turning out to be one scary prick.  Executions over there have gone through the roof since he took over -- so much so they're advertising on Craigslist for 8 more executioners to keep up with the beheadings program on a roll, so to speak.  This prick is going to be a real problem, in case you haven't noticed. 

And you probably didn't notice a news item that had about a 10 millisecond life in yesterday's MSM news cycle: According to the Sunday Times quoting an unnamed US official, this Saudi prick is calling in a nuclear debt from Pakistan. (Original article is pay-walled.) 

Apparently, the 1970's deal was that the Sauds would bank-roll A.Q. Khan's nuclear bomb program in Pakistan and in return the Pakistanis would provide Saudi Arabia with nukes when the Sauds requested them.  The Sauds' justification for calling in the debt now is that Iran will have nukes in the near future so they need to be ready.  It's interesting that the Sauds have not been particularly worried about the hair-trigger, Muslim-hating Israelis having hundreds of nukes, but now that Obama is getting Iran to both open up and slow down their nuclear program, this porcinephobic al Saud prick starts rattling the nuclear saber.     

This indicates to me that this Saudi knows that Iran has worked the same sort of pay-then-play deal with North Korea.  No doubt that Iran has helped NoKo with financing and technology to develop nukes, test them, and start producing them.  Eventually, when Iran needs a couple they'll call NoKo up and NoKo will deliver them, probably by submarine -- sort like Papa John's delivering the worst nightmare you can imagine.  The whole idea of banning nuclear proliferation is about to become as effective as the US regulating banks.   

Jon Stewart returns to his dog-sex addiction

HuffPost headline May12.15

In my post of Feb05.15 I gave Jon Stewart notice that I was pulling the plug on the The Daily Show because of Jason Jones' skit in which he is shown screwing a dog.  I thought Stewart got my message because about five days later he announced he was stepping down from the Daily Show.  But I either over-misestimated how much punch this blog has or under-misestimated Stewart's addiction to bestiality, for he returned to it on May11.15.  Transcript.  

I guess America's favorite funny-Jew is just using his final days on the show to promote his favorite fetish.  How desperate for a laugh can you get?  How pathetic can you get?




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