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Quote of the Week

A great many people think that they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.
                                                               -- Wm James 


Pestilential cops, prosecutors, & judges in the news

Read Sergio De La Pava's Guardian article "The Enemy is the State."  
Just stop right here and read the damn thing.  It's for your own good.  

And then study the Guardian's interactive database on killer cops in the US. 

And then give some thought as to 
what the hell is going on with these violent US cops 
before stepping through these recent stories.


Mississippi "Run, nigger, run" judge indicted for assault on mentally disabled man. ABA Journal  

Judge William "Bill" Weisenberger (who is really white) gets a paid vacation after being indicted for assaulting a black man at a flea market last year.  After beating the man Weisenberger yelled "Run, nigger, run."  He denied wrongdoing.  He would, wouldn't he?  This judicial jackass is also facing a lawsuit for charging a black man with nonexistent charges -- "roaming livestock."  Conveniently, the Miss Supreme Court found a state law that lets judges keep collecting their pay even after being indicted.  Probably is restricted to white judges, but I don't know for sure.  Just sayin'.

Missouri Cops cuff and beat the victim, let the perp escape.  St.Lou Post-Dispatch 

St. Ann is one of those dozens of tiny Missouri communities that has been in the national news lately because of their Keystone Kops.  In this case the KKs were chasing some clown on I-70 when he ran into Joseph Swink on the way home from work, causing Swink to crash.  The cops run up, pull Swink out of his wrecked car, throw him to the ground, cuff him, beat him (after all he is black) and bust him.  Look at the photos of Swink's bleeding face and tell me if you believe the police chief, Aaron Jimenez, when he says "Hey, my boys just lightly dusted him with a feather duster and he musta' fell down."  

Georgia Loser prosecutor Rand Csehy busted on distribution and weapons charges trying to trade drugs for sex, now disbarred.  AJC  

Rand Csehy has landed in the gutter, and without his law license.  The loser ex-narcotics prosecutor for Fulton County is the same guy who reported his girlfriend's suicide, which was caused by an Atlanta Police service pistol belonging to Csehy.  OK . . . if he says so.  The AJC has been covering this guy since 2012, and it ain't a pretty picture.

San Francisco SFPD cop Brian Stansbury busts public defender helping her client. KQED   

Public defender Jami Tillotson objected to the way Stansbury was photographing/detaining her clients without a warrant and without probable cause.  When she stepped in to tell the cop to back off, he arrested her. Vid  Someone needs to remind this idiot cop that SF, queer as it may be, is still bound by the US Constitution, including the 4th and 5th Amendments. Not surprisingly, with a little pressure from the entire world and the ACLU, the cops dropped the charges against Tillotson.  Having busted her for resisting arrest, looks to me like Sgt. Stansbury himself should now be charged with filing a false report as there was clearly no resisting. 

New York City Rookie NYPD cop Peter Liang finally indicted in the killing of Akai Gurley  Daily News  

Gurley was not involved or implicated in any criminal activity.  He and his girlfriend were standing on the landing of a the stairwell of their apartment building.  Liang shot Gurley in the chest and then instead of using his radio to call for help, Liang and his buddy called the police union delegate.  Here's hoping this cop gets the full 15 years.

Cleveland Judge frees riot-rage Cleveland cop, Michael Brelo. The Guardian   

Brelo, the cop who jumped up on the hood of a car and emptied 49 rounds into the two unarmed black occupants, wasn't charged with murder.  He was charged with manslaughter and felonious assault.  That was his first piece of "good fortune."  His second was electing to forego a jury trial and trust that the judge, John P. O'Donnell, a white guy, would see things the white way.  The judge figured since the cops pumped well over 100 rounds into the two men, who knows whether Brelo's 49 rounds played a part in their deaths.  That's just the way it works in Cleveland.  The prosecutor, Tim McGinty, has appealed.   

Virginia Idiot Fredricksburg cops taze driver having strokeDaily News

You just have to watch the video to see what bungling, cowardly cops look like.  Incompetence in action -- and you're going to load cops like these up with military gear?    








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