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There's considerable human nature in a man. 
                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ June 13, 2015 ~

From the Screwing With 
What God Gave Ya' Dept.


The obvious juxtaposition the MSM are failing to see.  


There's something that ainít being talked about during all of the media crapola over black-faced and kinky-haried Iím-black-too, Rachel Dolezal, who heads the Spokane NAACP.  And that something is Bruce Jenner.

I mean, on the one hand youíve got the media (Time, Rolling Stone, Forbes ) falling all over themselves, going gaga 24/7 over the Jenner/Vanity Fair freak-show as if Jenner had just landed an Airbus on the Hudson River, and on the other hand the media( NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, HuffPo, HuffPo ) are treating Dolezal as if she murdered a whole basket full of kittens.

Whatís screwy about this lack of juxtaposition by the media is that both of these people are claiming to have changed into a biological form that their DNA says they ainít. But hereís the rub: Jennerís revocation of what nature dealt him is thousands of times greater than Dolezalís revocation of what nature dealt her, genetically speaking. So why is it that Jenner is getting a media high-five and Dolezal is getting a media bitch-slap?

One of the great discoveries of the DNA sequencing methodology is the fact that the genetic differences between human races are next to nil. Out of all of the genes that make you a human, the ones that make you a white human opposed to, say, a black human are quantitatively insignificant. Ditto Eskimo, Asian, Jew, or Republican. The average genetic differences between blacks and whites is less than the sum of differences between two non-related white guys chosen at random. That means that what Dolezal wants people to think she is is practically the same, genetically, as what she is. Nothing that a little shoe polish and a permanent canít fix.

Jenner, on the other hand, is usurping nature at the level not of a few mere DNA sequences, but of entire chromosomes. He presents himself as an XY female, which, short of an endocrine tumor or other malfunction, is biologically absurd. The difference between that Y chromosome he has and the second X chromosome he wants you to think he has is enormous.

Speaking as a biologist, it is clear to me that no matter how much shoe-polish, make-up, hair curling treatments, breast implants, hormone injections, or jive-talk they rely on, Jenner and Dolezal are both just play-acting. You are what your DNA says you are. 

OTOH, speaking as a lawyer, Iím behind both of them, for the right to play act is protected by the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment Ė short of committing fraud or adversely affecting someone elseís rights, you go girls!!  Er . . . or whatever.

I just wish the media would focus more on the biological similarities and differences in who these two are and want to be and quit with the implicit racism and explicit transgender glorification.



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