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     Summer solstice, or there goes the sun. 


A couple of thoughts on this Northern Summer Solstice, 2015, as the sun starts its journey back south.  

This may be the longest day of the year for the N. Hemisphere, but it ain't the hottest. If there is one thing the solar system has a lot of, it's inertia, and that includes thermal inertia.  It takes time for the surface temperatures of something as huge as Earth to fully adjust to the annual changes in position of the sun relative to the Earth's axis.  For the US, for instance, the day with the highest average of high temperatures is July 24, almost exactly a month following the longest day.  It is also, not surprisingly, the day with the highest average low temps.  IOW, Jul24 is the hottest day.  Of course, this is an historical average, check your local weather service for temps near you.  

The American Declaration of Independence was signed on July 04, 13 days after the 1776 summer solstice.  July 04 is also the day that Earth is as far away from the sun as it gets all year. While the N. Hemisphere collects more solar photons on a per day basis during the northern summer, on an hourly basis it is collecting fewer because the distance from the photon source is greater.  IOW, an hour at noon on a beach near LA in December will do more for your tan than an hour on the same beach in July, assuming, of course, you're wearing a bikini both times.  All of this is a result of the Earth's orbit being not quite circular -- just a tad elliptical.

To my friends in Australia and New Zealand, where the night is long, I would like say: Here comes the sun. 


How does Huffington Post avoid a trademark lawsuit?

HuffPo's Dikipedia

We all know that HuffPo is poorly written, poorly edited, gratuitously purulent, and directed mostly at women with sexual/gender-identity problems and too much time on their hands. It is, in a word, America's version of the UK Daily Mail -- and almost as successful. But I do like the way HuffPo's "Dikipedia" articles really take the mickey out of some real, well . . . dicks.  

What fascinates me is how they keep from getting their panties sued off by Wikipedia for the disgusting way they have misappropriated the Wikipedia icon. And even the name "Dikipedia" is close enough to "Wikipedia" that a mediocre trademark attorney could probably pound HuffPo into the turf.  

Yeah, it seems to me that HuffPo needs to place itself among its own Dickipedia dicks, which begs an interesting question: Can a woman be a dick?

So . . . that's what the sanctions against Russia are all about

Jason Seiler

Given the dirty dealings that led to the bloody Ukranian Euromaidan protests that brought about the overthrow of Russian-puppet Viktor Yanukovich last year, there is little doubt now that the violence was promoted by the CIA.  I mean, just look at the way CIA head John Brennan suddenly appeared in Kyiv like a rabbit out of a hat, even while bullets were still flying. Forbes.  

Within months Crimea, which is where a huge Russian naval base is and which has always been pro-Russia and did not want to be a part of the Ukranian lurch toward the West, voted to join Russia.  A referendum was held and the treaty of accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation was signed on Mar18.2014.  Even before the treaty was signed Obama was signing executive orders to put in place economic sanctions against Russia and suddenly -- poof!! -- the world was back in the Cold War. 

If you're like me, the whole Ukrainian thing never made complete sense.  Why did elements in Kyiv suddenly want to align with the EU to the point of staging a revolt, and where did all the backing come from for the protests?  Why were Obama and the boys working so hard to isolate and intimidate Russia, who, after all, had some very serious economic and military interests in Ukraine?  And why has opposition blonde bombshell, Yulia Tymoshenko all but disappeared from the Western news since her dramatic release from prison?  The breakdown in the US-Russia relationship was particularly puzzling given the number of world problems the US and Russia were taking on together. So what's up with all of this?  Well, last week John McCain cleared things up for us.  

Recall that McCain was a supporter of the Maidan rebels from the git-go, which is hardly surprising.  He has been pushing Obama to supply Kyiv with arms.  Last week McCain and Republican fellow-ghoul Tom Cotton were in Kyiv while the Senate passed a bill for $300M worth of military gear to Ukraine. While he was there, according to Russian news sources, McCain promised that the US would be in a position to start supplying Ukraine and Europe with natural gas within two years.  How convenient!  A supply of energy just when they were having difficulties with Putin, who supplies most of what they need.     

OK, well, we know that anything that has to do with US foreign policy has to do with gas/oil, whether how to obtain it or how to sell it, so I guess this is whole Ukraine mess is making sense now.  Thanks, John.

Incidentally, have you noticed how Obama, Kerry, and the USG spin machine have gone absolutely silent on the accusations that Russians shot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 last year?  What that silence tells you is that the Russians didn't do it, the USG knows the Russians didn't do it, and the proof that the Russians didn't do it is sufficiently clear that the USG can no longer maintain the spin without coming across to the world as out-and-out liars.  




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