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There's considerable human nature in a man. 
                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ June 25, 2015 ~

From the 
Details, Details Dept.


EmptyWheel is now telling us that it's white guys who are really America's 
terrorist problem. An excuse for the FBI's warrantless tapping of Americans' phones?   


Jim White at EmptyWheel seems to me to be a few bulbs short of a complete 4-pak, like a lot of liberals these days, including Barack Obama.  In White's case that is really ironic because EW  is normally written by voracious blogger Marcie Wheeler, who comes across as very sharp.  But Wheeler is on vacation and so the EW second stringers have taken the opportunity to dim the lights at EW considerably, so to speak.  

As you can see from the title (above) of his Jun24.15 post, White has joined up with every other self-hating white liberal in exploiting the Charleston tragedy.  White's article promotes a meme that crazy whites like Dylann Storm Roof are more of a danger to ordinary Americans, quantitatively speaking, than radical foreign Muslims. To back up his position White links to "data" published by a group called "New America," which bills itself as (yet another) think tank.  Like most of these Washington think tanks, this one can only think as far as the partisan agenda at the end of its nose.

The NA "analysis" promoted by White asserts that the number of Americans killed in "Deadly Jihadist Attacks" is 26, while the number of Americans killed in "Deadly Right Wing Attacks" is 48.  So we're talking about 2 dozen Americans rubbed out by the Muslims vs. 4 dozen taken out by the right wingnuts. (I don't know how White makes to the leap to white right wingnuts specifically.  The NA analysis cited by White is not color-coded and doesn't even mention whites.  With a little digging you can determine that at least one of the "right wing attacks" cited in the NA "analysis" was carried out by a non-white.) And so with right wingnuts out-gunning the Muslims at a kill rate of 2:1, the only conclusion we can possibly come to is that the right wingnuts are 2x more dangerous than the Muslims.  

But here's where the lies, damn lies, and statistics ploy shows its dirty face.  The NA body-count, which totals 74 Americans, starts AFTER 9/11, which would mean only those killed on Sep12.2001 or later.  That's right, these liberals wanting to make the point that Muslim jihadis are killing only half as many Americans as the right wingnuts don't start the body count until after the date when the jihadis killed nearly 3000 Americans.  Nearly 41 times as many Americans were killed in that one day by Muslims than all of the American deaths analyzed by NA.  Another way to say this is that 50 times more people have been killed since Sep10.2001 by Muslim jihadis than by the right wingnuts.  White's point of view is like saying Japan has historically been one of America's closest allies -- if you just exclude Pearl Harbor and WWII.  Details, details, . . .

Like I say, anyone who would promote NA's disingenuous misinformation is a few bulbs short.  And I'm looking at you, Jim White.




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