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There's considerable human nature in a man. 
                                              --  Artemus Ward, 1862

~ June 26, 2015 ~

From the 
Guys and Dolls Dept.


Professional women: just as demented as the guys.    


I am about as much a feminist as I am feminine and bein’ how’s I’m an ex-Marine combat vet, I don’t consider m’self to be Bruce Jenner exactly. Caitlyn. Whatever. But one doesn't have to be a feminist or feminine to be fair-minded and over the decades I have been hopeful about the way women have taken – not been given – larger and larger responsibilities in running the world. Today women are highly visible in all professions and predominate in a number of them.  Although the opportunities that women have today were available, technically and legally, to the girls I graduated from high school with half a century ago, a lot of ill-founded, malignant, sexist presumptions have been eliminated and those opportunities are a lot easier to take advantage of for today’s high school grads. There were, for instance, no female astronauts back then, and none on the horizon, literally or figuratively.

When I said above that I "have been hopeful," what I meant was that for decades I hoped, like a lot of folks of both genders, that getting more women into the upper tiers of politics and business and science would somehow improve the way politics and business and science are carried out.  We hoped that having more women around would somehow help to sand down the rough edges that seem to exist in all male endeavors. Would somehow change the way things are done.  You know, a little more estrogen, a little less testosterone and maybe the world wouldn't seem so crazy.  

We gender-pollyannas were wrong by a country mile, of course.  We began to realize that i 2007 when news reports began appearing about wacko NASA space shuttle astronaut and superstar Lisa Nowak and her bizarre interstate kidnapping plot, complete with diapers for the long haul from Houston to Orlando.  Weird don't get much more than that, not even in Florida.  


An absolutely blithering idiot female in the most iconic, stratospheric job any human could hold was all the world needed to see that women, regardless of their training and intelligence, are just as screwed up as men. Just as loony. And the evidence keeps accumulating just how freaky professional women can be. Just look at the weekly perp walk of female teachers all across the country who have raped under aged boys. It just goes on and on and on. We know now that professional women make just as many poor, stupid decisions per year or per month or per day as men do, and if you don't believe that just do a gender analysis of Obama's failed appointees over the last 7 years.

Or take that anesthesiologist in Arlington, VA, Tiffany M. Ingham. Yes, the one who was recorded grossly verbally assaulting her patient while he was under anesthetic. 


Ingham just got nailed with a $500K jury judgment for defamation and punitive damages and ran off to – you guessed it – Florida. And the reason you might have guessed it is that Florida is where all the east coast loony-tooners seem to end up and it’s also a state where you can keep your house if you get your pants sued off.

And then there is the FB-megalomaniac female veterinarian in Brenham, Texas, Kristen Lindsey, (photo above) who considers herself vet of the year for killing a missing cat named Tiger with bow and arrow and posting the photo on FB. Dolt with a bolt, IOW. You will notice from the picture that the animal’s right hind leg is missing, suggesting it was caught in a trap before being killed by Dr. Lindsey – hopefully soon to be ex-Dr. Lindsey.

Tiger the cat, in better days

If you would like Dr. Lindsey to care for your cat or dog, sorry; she is no longer employed at the Washington Animal Clinic.  She's probably on her way to Florida.  It must have been a shock to her to learn she has been shit-canned. According to the DM she initially said the clinic would never fire her because she’s so "awesome." Yeah, OK, Kitten, you're awesome, just don't ask for a reference.

Professional women: just as demented as the guys. 



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