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A great many people think that they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.
                                                               -- Wm James 


Pestilential cops, prosecutors, & judges in the news

Wisconsin USSCt makes it easier to sue violent cops. Opinion 

In a 5-4 decision that is larger than it looks, the 3+3=4 caucus* of the USSCt  holds that a 42 USC 1983 lawsuit against cops for excessive use of force can't be tossed out merely because of the defendant cops' personal idea of what is reasonable force.  So now these dick-head cops in Monroe County, WS will have to prove to a jury that tazing a handcuffed man in the back who is lying on his face was reasonable, not just to them, but to any reasonable person. IOW, punitive cop-brutality can no longer be excused on the basis of "Oh, we thought is was a good idea."   Good luck, Wisconsin.

* 3+3=4 caucus: the 3 women justices plus the 3 Jews provide 4 votes -- only one more is needed for a majority. 

Los Angeles USSCt: cops can no longer demand motel registry w/out warrant.  Opinion 

Up until this opinion, the cops could just waltz into a motel and demand to see the registry and write down the name of every person who was, or had been, registered. No warrant needed. But now the 14th Amendment has come to town.

The 3+3=4 caucus has turned this annoying point of California's criminal law around.  It used to be that a defendant could challenge a conviction on the basis of a warrantless search of a motel registry only if the search was shown to be a violation of the 14th Amendment in that particular case.  Now, a challenge can be made to the constitutionality of a state statute allowing these warrantless registry searches by challenging the statute on its face -- which is to say, in order to be constitutional the statute must never permit a breach of the 14th Amendment under any circumstances.  Good luck, California.   

Kentucky Dumb bass Kentucky judge gets paid vacation for generalized threat to the next cop that pulls him over.  ABAJ ~ Herald-Leader ~ ABC 

Steven Combs

Judge Steven Combs in hillbilly-heaven Pike County in far Eastern Kentucky has been suspended with pay for repeatedly overstepping the boundaries of propriety that come with being a judge -- like a phone call to the cops in which he says that the next officer who pulls him over will get a "bullet in the head."  Combs faces 10 counts of misconduct, which means, according to the way most judges and cops are treated, he gets a free vacation while the other judges (who would also get a free vacation if they fucked up) sort this out.  

Michigan Dumb bass Michigan judge calls defendant to fuck with him. WOODTV   

Kenneth Post

Judge Kenneth Post has the IQ of a speed bump judging by the latest misconduct charges he is facing. Philip Mallery was busted for driving on a suspended license.  About half an hour after the hearing was supposed to take place, Post called Mallery and left a message on Mallery's voice mail.  To quote:

“Mr. Mallery, this is Judge Kenneth Post calling, I'm calling with regard to your case numb er 64025.  Your attorney Mr. Purdy, is in court. We’re waiting for you because you’re supposed to be here today.  You missed a drug test yesterday, and it would appear as though you’re not coming today, so a bench warrant is being issued for your arrest. My strong suggestion is that you, uhhh, when you get this message you keep going because if I find you, it will not be pleasant. Have a good day.”

Mallery's lawyer Josh Blanchard went ballistic, as I would have done if any brain-ded judge pulled a stunt like that with one of my clients. Blanchard filed a motion to recuse Post from the case and has asked the Judicial Tenure Commission to review the matter.  As of this date, Post is no longer hearing the case, according to the local NBC station. No word yet as to whether he has been busted by the judicial ethics cops.

This story would not be particularly newsworthy if it wasn't the second time Post's "unusual" judicial demeanor has made nationwide headlines in as many years.  In 2011, while sitting on the bench during a bail hearing, Post tried to force a defendant to implicate himself in drug use. The defendant's lawyer, Scott Mallard, repeatedly objected to the line of questioning as a violation of the 5th Amendment.  In retaliation for Mallard's protecting his client from the abusive and unconstitutional questioning of his client, Post locked Mallard up for contempt. It's more than interesting that Mallard and Blanchard are both from the same firm, Miel & Carr.  In 2013 Post was suspended for 30 days w/out pay, basically for being an asshole on the bench.  ABAJ 

Kentucky and Michigan are good examples of how being popular enough to get elected as a judge doesn't mean a thing with respect to how much a lawyer knows or whether she/he should ever sit on a bench.

Delaware When queer prosecutors go bad, it ain't too bad: Del. deputy AG gets only 18 months for raping 16 yo boy.  The News Journal  

Daniel Simmons

And you thought Florida was where all the pedophiles are; you ain't seen nothing like Delaware. 

Daniel Simmons was a queer, born-again Christian and deputy attorney general under the late Beau Biden.  Simmons hooked up with a 16-yo kid on Grindr, got busted, and pled guilty to 4th degree rape, which is good for up to 15 years in the state pen. Of course, the prosecutor was prosecuted by the prosecutors, i.e., his boss, who dropped three of four charges -- that's one advantage of working in an attorney general's office if you're thinking of doing some felonies. 

Simmons broke down in tears at the 30 minute sentencing hearing.  It worked.  He was sentenced to only 18 months.  Hmmm -- gotta' make a guy wonder, don't it? I mean, 18 months??  Raping boys is statutory rape just as surely as raping girls is, isn't it??

What also worked for Simmons in addition to the croc-tears was being defended by Eugene J. Maurer, who was the same suit who in 2014 got du Pont heir Robert Richards IV off without a single day in jail even though Richards was found guilty of 4th degree rape involving his 3-yo daughter.  Let me repeat that: 3-yo daughter.  

Predictably, there was (and still is) a public out-cry in the Richards case against the sentencing judge, Jan R. Jurden, who declined to send the poor-little-rich-pervert to prison because he wouldn't "do well" there.  Now, think about that: when was the last time a judge sent a kiddie-perv to prison because he would do well there?  I mean, are perverts supposed to do well in prison?  

And then -- surprise of all surprises!! -- in Feb.2015 Jurden was promoted to president of the Delaware Superior Court.  Hmmm -- gotta' make a guy wonder, don't it?  After all, this was a du Pont in Delaware. Sort of like being a Kennedy in Massachusetts.  Sort of like being a queer felon in the AG's office.  

Jan R. Jurden


Nevada Clarke County Family Court is a cess pool.  LV Tribune   

Clarke County, NV is advertising for a new hearing master for the family court.  Offered salary: $97,468 to $151,049.  Not bad money.  Too bad for the former goof-ball hearing master, Patricia Doninger, who got sacked, thereby opening up the vacancy. 

Patricia Doninger, goof-ball.

The reason goof-ball Doninger got the boot?  Well, you'll have to see the video. It's disturbing.  The extended story about Las Vegas' family court is even more disturbing. 

The video shows a woman, Monica Contreras, in the family court complaining to goof-ball Doninger that one of the court's marshals, a prick named Ron Fox, no relation to the news outlet, ordered her to to into a witness room and then groped her there under the guise of searching for drugs. That would be known in most jurisdictions as "sexual assault."  Why a woman who is in court on a restraining order issue should ever be searched is not exactly evident, unless it was, in fact, a ploy for a little "handy work."  

Ron Fox, prick

During the vid, a visibly upset Contreras is trying to tell goof-ball Doninger what happened but the goof-ball completely ignores her.  All the while prick Ron Fox is seen tearing apart what appears to be Contreras' handbag and looking at a huge wad of bills, which he puts back in the bag.  Contreras' 3 yo girl is taking to goof-ball Doninger behind the goof-ball's desk.  

At one point prick Ron Fox demands that Contreras withdraw her accusations, and when she refuses, prick Ron Fox tells the other cop in the room, fat ass marshal James Kenyon, to cuff Contreras, which he eventually does.  Apparently, fat ass Kenyon was prick Fox's supervisor, but it is prick Fox who is giving the orders.  They drag Contreras off, presumably to a cell. She is charged with providing false information to a police officer and disturbing the peace. The kid is taken off by child welfare.  All the while goof-ball Doninger is oblivious to this entire scene, including Contreras' dramatic claims that she has just been sexually assaulted.  It is too incredible to believe.

   Fat ass James Kenyon cuffs Contreras

Long story short: goof-ball gets shit-canned, prick gets shit-canned, and fat ass gets shit-canned.  Contreras filed both state and federal lawsuits  (federal complaint ) and settled with Clarke County for $200,000, which, IMO, is a pittance of what she should have settled for. From what I can tell, prick Fox has yet to be charged with sexual assault, but the fat lady ain't sung yet in this case.  And the fat lady is the FBI. Read on . . .  

This case is just the tip of the cess pool that is the Clarke County family court -- well, that's a bit of a mixed metaphor, I guess cess pools don't exactly have tips. 

In a Jan.2014 report, another family court marshal, shit-4-brains Steve Rushfield, was booted after being accused of  covering up prick Ron Fox's sexual assault of two teenage girls -- yeah, the same prick.

Steve Rushfield, shit-for-brains

Speaking of tips of cess pool metaphors, shit-4-brains Rushfield was a longtime supervisor of the marshals of the family court, but he was self-demoted before being involuntarily suspended with pay and then getting sacked, according to the Review Journal. He has been the subject of an investigation by the FBI over complaints of excessive force and possible cover-ups.  With respect to one 23 yo Crystal Williams, shit-4-brains Rushfield is alleged to have grabbed her by the throat while she was restrained in a chair and to have said: "Your in my house, bitch.  Shut the fuck up."

Now a California businessman, John Conforte, has come forward and alleged that shit-4-brains Rushfield beat and tazed him in a part of a hallway in the family court where there are no video cameras.  According to the Review Journal (which has done some damned good reporting on this mess, the LV Tribune, not so much) :

One clip showed a handcuffed Conforte calmly being led by Rushfield and other marshals to the private hallway. The other showed Rushfield and others opening the door at the other end of the hallway, picking Conforte up from the floor and walking him through a door to the holding cell area.

Sounds like some federal prosecutors need to go into Las Vegas family court and attend to some serious prosecutorial ass-kicking of goof-balls, pricks, fat asses, and shit-4-brains there.








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