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     Humiliating irony or poetic justice? 


When I think back over a lifetime of watching politicians humiliate themselves and being humiliated by others, I can think of only one situation where a politician was humiliated by his/her spouse, and you know the situation I'm talkin' about.  In virtually every case of public humiliation that I can recall -- at least the sexual ones -- the politician humiliated his spouse; the reverse seems not to happen, although I'm sure there's plenty of spouses goofin' around, if you catch my drift.  Of course, when both spouses are politicians, then it's a whole new set of rules, and have no doubts, Hil was a politician while she was FLOTUS.

Now we've got Hil makin' another go at the Oral Office, and good on her.  But have you ever considered the cruel, cruel irony of her party having the official color blue, which means that her whole wardrobe simultaneously becomes the symbol of being a Democrat and the symbol of being the most humiliated FLOTUS in the history of the country.  Any country.  The guy Democrats running for office can just tie a blue ribbon around their throats, stick a flag-pin in their lapels, and all's good.  The lady Dems have to splash out with blue dresses, or blue pant suits, or, heaven forefend, blue evening gowns.  Just consider the humilitating irony of Hil's cerulean symbolism raising in the voters' minds memories of the very same nefarious ovular acts that could very well sabatoge her efforts.  

Serves her right for not divorcing the prick, IMO, in which case this post is not so much about humiliating irony as it is about poetic justice.



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