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~ October 01, 2015 ~

From the 
Corporate Media Sucks Dept.

Why Huffington Post ain't worth the paper it's written on: Reasons 1 - 3    

No one would be so bold or so butt-headed to argue that Huffington Post is not an immensely popular and successful online rag.  Pulitzer Prize, Peabody Award, Webby Award -- they got 'em all.   And HP is obviously the champion of the BLT-G folks, which is a lot of the reason it's doing so well in the awards, I suspect.  Such popularity, an enviable revenue stream, and a stable of prizes may be all the proof they need to argue their own worth.  

But I read the HP and I beg to differ.  To me HP is a light-weight rag aimed at people of all genders with sex hang-ups, but mostly women -- a National Enquirer for bimbos, bikini baboons, and dumb blondes with an Internet connection.  

The amount of crap that flows out of HP is so prodigious it's easy to lose track of it all.  I remember there was an article on how to make your vagina smell good.  And there was the one on why you shouldn't shave your pubic hair. And, of course, the all time great article about all you wanted to know about anal sex.  Pulitzer Prize???

And so I thought it would be helpful to keep a running tab of the reasons why HP is . . . well, screwed.

Reason #1.  Biased pro-homo, Kim Davis vendetta

Sep29.15 -- A month after Kim Davis was held in contempt of court, HuffPo is still running the headline -- still gloating. They just can't let loose of it.  

But I don't see a thing on HP about Pope Francis taking time to honor Davis with a personal visit and give her a rosary when he was in the States.  ABC  She ain't even Catholic fer chris' sake and the Pope took the time to give her his support, blessings, and a rosary.  When was the last time Arianna Huffington got that sort of attention?

BREAKING:  Sep30.15 -- Today HP posted an AP article on the Pope meeting with Davis, but the HP editors gave the article a puerile, disrespectful headline "The Pope Met the Dope".  Almost immediately they took down the AP article and replaced it with an article by HP writer Michael Calderone, which is not specifically about Davis or the meeting but about how Robt. Moynihan broke the story of the meeting.  

HP has also just put up a  cheap-shot, slanderous article by their chief-poofter in residence, Michelangelo Signorile, about how Pope Francis is a coward and "antithetical to much of what he preaches and teaches" for meeting with Davis in private. Who is this prick Signorile to judge the most powerful, well-loved pope in generations?  Well, Signorile's title at HP is "Gay Voices Editor-at-Large," that's who.  The mind boggles. 

Also today, yet another vicious HP attack on Pope Francis, this one by Antonia Blumberg "Associate Religion Editor" (nearly every body at HP is an editor of some sort).  Yes, you got that right -- a Jew attacking the Pope.  Semitic anti-Catholicism, IOW.    Blumberg's piece is "LGBT Catholics confused and hurt by pope's visit with Kim Davis."  Here are some of this anti-Catholic religion editor's points:

  • She says the Pope's visit with Davis "upset gay Catholics" -- not "some" gay Catholics, not a "few" gay Catholics, not "the three gay Catholics I talked to," but "gay Catholics," implying all of them.  IOW, Blumberg the uber-Jew now speaks for gay Catholics.

  • Contradicting her own headline, Blumberg cites gay Catholic, Aaron Jay Ledesma, who was invited to the White House to welcome the Pope and who was not confused or hurt in the least with the Pope's meeting with Davis. So, extrapolating from her sample of n=3, Blumberg herself shows that 33% of "gay Catholics" don't have a problem with the Pope meeting Davis.  My guess is the real figure is more like 93%.

  • In sum Blumberg quotes exactly two BLT-G people -- Marianne Duddy-Burke and Francis DeBernardo -- who expressed "hurt" or "confusion" on the matter.  Yes, folks, we have a Jewish Religion Editor castigating the Pope for hurting and confusing Catholic gays on the basis of what two lesbians, or trans, or whatever form of BLT-G these two may be think.  HP thinks this is worthy of your attention.  

I don't know any BLT-G Catholics and don't particularly want to, but my guess is that most of them are probably mature enough to handle the Pope talking to Kim Davis without being hurt or confused.  But if you are a Catholic BLT-G and you are either hurt or confused by this situation, just try your best to work it out.  If you find you can't, get back to Assoc. Religion Editor Antonia Blumberg and ask her to write another biased, anti-Catholic, idiot rant.  Maybe that will help.

This was not Blumberg's first attack on Pope Francis.  Last week she went after him for raising the issue of the clergy's sexual abuse of children. True to form, she interviewed a couple of victims of gay Catholic priests and generalized to all victims about what they thought about Pope Francis' comments, and what they thought was not complimentary.  

I find it telling that in Blumberg's article there is a photograph of  John Geoghan who was convicted in 1991 of grabbing the buttocks of a 10-yr old boy in a swimming pool in the Boston area.  The de-frocked priest was sentenced to 9-10 years. Less than a year into his sentence Geoghan was murdered. He had been assigned a cell with his murderer, Joseph Druce, who had been sentenced to life for killing a gay man who made a pass at him.  IOW Geoghan's death was first degree murder orchestrated by the Massachusetts prison officials.  Of course, Massachusetts has no death penalty so perps serving life face no additional punishment when they murder other inmates.  Win-win, in the eyes of Massachusetts.

By using Geoghan's picture in the article about Pope Francis, Blumberg, who is the editor and writer, was throwing all the shit she could find at the Pope.  Kindly piss off, Antonia Blumberg.  The Pope can't put it that way, but I can. 


Reason #2.  Promoting porn and sexual perversion at every opportunity

Sep29.15 -- Taking down people with principles like Kim Davis whom the HP doesn't agree with is just a part of HP's tabloid shtick.  But so too is their constant, running babble  promoting sexual deviance in general, and not just BLT-G.  A good example is this idiot piece by HP "sexpert" Sandra LaMorgese:

LaMorgese also authored these powerful HP pieces of perverty crap: "How growing back my bush helped me embrace my womanhood," "Why I powder and diaper powerful, successful, middle-aged men," and "How BDSM saved my life at 55-years-old."  Real Pulitzer material here. If HP promoted itself as the adult XXX website it is, no problem. But there is no rating and no adult-content warning of any type, not for the site and not for the individual porn articles. Arianna Huffington is intentionally exposing the nation's kids of all ages to this crap.


Reason #3.  Mega-contributions to Hillary Clinton's campaign

Oct01.15 -- Huffington Post is supporting the Clinton campaign with more than just money -- they are providing wall to wall, 24/7 saturation of their front page with pro-Clinton headlines. HP is not just biased for Clinton, it is grossly, over-the-top biased.  Here are today's Hil-headlines, all running simultaneously as of 6:45 am PDT, but some of these have been up for days. 



That's six front page articles running simultaneously promoting one candidate.  From day to day the number may go up a bit, it may go down a bit, but Hillary is never out of sight on the HP front page.  And note the complimentary quality of the photos: a thoughtful Hil, a determined Hil, an assertive Hil.  Arianna Huffington is determined to shove all of these Hillarys right down your throat.  Imagine the next 13 months of this.  Or worse, imagine HP if Clinton gets elected - there will be no end to the Clinton bullshit.

But the HP Hillary campaign doesn't end with endless pro-Hil articles.  It includes the negative shit on any others who might be or become Clinton's competition.  From today's front page: Trump ranting about sending Syrian refugees back;  Biden dissing Roe v. Wade; Jeb Bush flipping off AmerIndians.  And the choice of photos speaks for itself. 


Huffington Post may lead the left wing blathering about Citizens United and they may cry "foul ball" on the mega-donations to Republicans from the Koch brothers or Sheldon Aldeson, but the sort of corporate contributions HP is making to Clinton's campaign go far, far beyond the millions of dollars contributed by the likes of the Kochs or Aldeson.  HP is donating a Clinton ad campaign worth millions and millions to capture the hearts, minds, and votes of the country's bimbo blondes, and I hope neither the irony nor the oxymoron of that assertion go unnoticed.  

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