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The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.

— H.L. Mencken (1922)

~ Oct 18, 2015 ~

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Here come Loretta!
Part I of a two part series  
Part II
Denis O'Brien 

Back in August I almost put up a piece predicting that by the end of the year Hillary Clinton would not be in the running for the Democratic nomination. But I put it off on the tried and true principle that discretion is the better part of valor, thinking that if I was wrong, it would irreparably damage my unrivaled reputation among the four regular readers of this blog, all of whom are incarcerated in mental institutions with WiFi access in the padded rooms.

It’s mid-October now and a lot of things have changed: pumpkins are carved and lit; a dismal wintry drizzle has migrated into this southern border-area of the boreal forest, and the red-tails and barn swallows have migrated out; my washing machine spin-cycle has gone on the blink. But not much has changed in the HRC story, which is very significant in itself. Oh, yeah, Hil is screaming bloody murder about boner-for-a-brain Kevin McCarthy’s comment about the House Benghazi Committee being really just a $4.1M exercise in political marksmanship.  But with respect to Hil's protestations, let me tell you something: Loretta Lynch couldn’t care less about what the Republicans’ motives are or were. I think now the time is ripe for the prediction I put on hold last August.

The reason I almost pulled the trigger on this post in August was that the heat really got turned up on Clinton and her eMail bullshit, and I don’t mean by Kevin McCarthy’s Benghazi bitch-hunt (Witch-hunt . . . witch-hunt -- I meant witch-hunt. Honestly.  Sorry, my Freudian fingertips get the best of me sometimes.) No, the heat was coming not so much from Republicans as the Obama administration operatives, which is a much more serious and pernicious source of heat for the Clinton folks.  For let me tell you something: if you ever have to choose between having a gormless Republican congressional committee come after you or having Loretta Lynch come after you, don’t even consider the Lynch option for a nano-second.


Here is a summary of the scene back in August: 

  • On Jul31.15 Chas McCullough, IG for US spook services, had just told Congress that of random sampling of 40 eMails released by HRC, 4 had secret material. The eMs were secret when sent and are still secret, he said, thereby making a liar out of HRC when she claimed never to have received eMs that were confidential. 
  • A few days later USDC judge Emmet Sullivan ordered HRC to reveal to Judicial Watch all of her computer gear that has or had her government eMs. The significance of this order was huge as it re-opened the Judicial Watch FOIA litigation that had been shut down as a result of HRC’s lies and obstruction of justice. (For the latest on that part of the story see the Oct16 Judicial Watch update.
  • The State Dept. then released 1300 more oops-here-they-are Clinton eMs including 41 top secret ones. 
  • Two weeks later the FBI seized HRC’s server w/ HDs and 3 thumbs in the possession of David Kendall, HRCs alpha-dog lawyer. 
  • Next thing you know Kendall is under investigation by the FBI, and HRC is standing in front of the cameras in Iowa making listless apologies and stupid jokes about her eM situation. 

From almost 50 years of watching America’s lying politicians, I can tell you this: when they start making admissions and apologies, the heat is extreme, and somthin's gonna' blow.


The point I was planning to make back in August was to watch Joe Biden like a hawk. For if Lynch decides to prosecute HRC or any of her staff, the way we’ll know that an indictment is coming is that Biden will suddenly jump down off the fence and announce he is running.  For not only is Biden sitting on the fence, so is Loretta Lynch, and it’s the same fence, in a manner of speaking. When Biden finally announces that either he is or he isn’t running for president that will mean that Lynch has finally decided whether or not to prosecute the HRC gang.  All Lynch has to do is indict one of them and HRC’s campaign crashes and burns, in which case Biden is really the only hope the Democrats have. Sure, Bernie Sanders is flying high with the leftie street-level Democrats, but there is no way in hell a country full of right-wing crackpots is going to elect a Jewish sewer-socialist. Americans will elect Donald Trump before they elect Sanders. Sanders is the Democrats’ trumpian albatross, not their Plan B.

This week could well be the final turning point in HRC’s career. Almost certainly, the Justice Department is giving HRC the courtesy of letting her testify before the Benghazi/HRC witch-hunt Committee before Loretta makes her move. After last week’s 6 hour grilling of Clinton top aid, Huma Abedin, Hil is next in the hot-chair, which could quickly become an electric chair.  The Democrat powers know that if Hil fries, the options are very limited. Even Debbie Wasserman Schultz, thick as she is, and Jewish as she is, knows that fellow-Semite Sanders would be a disaster for the Democrats. If Loretta Lynch takes HRC out of the race, Biden is the Democrats’ only hope in hell, which is, essentially, where the party will be. And that’s why Biden has been fence-sitting and keeping options open, even to the ridiculous extent of advertising that there was a podium available with his name on it for last week’s Democrat debate.


So keep your eye on Biden.  If Lynch decides to start throwing around indictments, the first public sign will likely be that Biden will enter the race and Hil will exit.  If Biden decides not to run, you will see that soon after his announcement Lynch will tell the American public that there will be no prosecutions of the HRC gang.  What I'm saying is that contrary to appearances, at this point Beau Biden’s death, as tragic as it was, has next to nothing to do with whether or not Joe Biden runs.  There is no emotional ambivalence on Biden's part; that's all strategy and Shakespearian drama.

If Lynch passes on prosecuting the HRC gang, then things get even more interesting, for the Republicans will absolutely shred Lynch and the Democrats, claiming Obama's people protected Hillary from violations of federal law.  And remember, Clinton’s mendacity and feigned faulty memory would likely be construed by a Republican Attorney General as fraud and/or obstruction of justice, and generally the statutes of limitations for such crimes don't begin to run when the crimes are committed but when they are discovered, which was mid-2015. There will be enough  time in early 2017 for a Republican administration to cook Hillary’s goose if Loretta decides to demur. 

Scary as Loretta is, Hil and the Democrats would prefer to have any charges defined and filed by Loretta than by the Republicans. Hopefully any charges could be in place in time for Obama to grant clemency. Being knocked out of the election is one thing; being locked up in a federal prison is quite another. 

Tomorrow: Part II -- Cat fight's a-comin': Loretta Lynch is sorting out Hillary's eMail problem 


  • Politico Aug25.15 -- David Kendall under FBI investigation 
  • WaPo Sep12.15 -- Clinton's server was not actually wiped clean. 
  • Mother Jones Sep14.15 -- the FBI busts Clinton's server




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