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From the 
Media Fails Dept.


More examples of why the Daily Fail is to competent journalism 
what Chris Christie is to honest politics.





Emma Glanfield
, DM, Oct12|15

This is one of my all time favorites.

The story is pure DM -- about some cop's -- Rich Bridger -- outrageous FB language directed at some poor woman who had been playing a piano in a train station.  And fair 'nuf, rip the cretin cop to pieces in public.  Good on ya'. Emma.

But do you have to repeat the foul statement NINE FREAKING TIMES IN ONE FREAKING ARTICLE?  I mean, even just the headline repeats the foul statement THREE times.  

No kidding, this dum bass repeated Bridger's foul statement NINE times.  I mean, it's -- like -- wtf??  They repeated it NINE times.  As in NINE.  If they had repeated it just one more time it would have been TEN, and just four more times and it would have been a baker's dozen.  

NINE times I'm tellin' ya'.   NINE. One article. . .





John M. Glionna, LAT, May01|15

We would all like to thank John Glionna, historian nonpareil of the LA Times, for pointing out to us uneducated sods that the 15th century was before the settlers set up lawns in North America.  Not surprisingly, the 15th century was before there were any settlers in North America.  So it all makes sense, eh?

And have I told you about Emma Glanfield repeating the cop's foul message NINE times?


DM, Front Page Oct12|15

It's the "from lack of movement -- rather than the action of sitting in of itself -- " that has me wondering whether this Bangladeshi editor wouldn't be better off back in Bangladesh where English is optional.  Besides, WTF is the "action of sitting" and how is that different from the "lack of movement??"  


Screen-grab from LA Times front page, Oct03|15

Let's see . . . I forget already, but I thought Hil was the blonde and Ben was the black. And the other guy doesn't look like either Don or Bill. 

That's OK, LAT, just throw up any ole' photos, we'll sort 'em out. 




Euan McLelland and Sam Tonkin, DM Oct02|15

Euan and Sam, not half a brain to be found between the two of them.  I mean they wouldn't know their there from there their, IYKWIM. 

And if you can decipher this second piece of gibberish, the CIA has a well-paying job with your name on it. 



DM Front Page, May15|15

The timeline here is . . . well, weird.  According to the headline the cops where charged with attempted murder and then used power tools to attack the man, eventually arresting him after a 4-hr. siege. 

Mind.  Boggled.  By DM stupidity. 




DM, Front Page, May04|15

The Daily Fail, which normally sucks the Queen's powdered butt, has grossly offended her this time.

The baby's name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  Charlotte is the feminine form of "Charles," the baby's grandfather.  Check.  Diana was the baby's grandmother.  Check.  Elizabeth is the baby's great-grandmother, not her great-great-grandmother. Royal Fail. 


DM, Front Page, Feb02|15

Yep, having your son executed before he is gunned down is enough to piss off any father. 


Feng Qian WWWN undated.

Finally, we have ole' Feng whose only chance of employment was at a click-bait site called World Wide Weird News.

Even weirder than this pervert teacher, is her 12-yo victim who is half his age. 



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