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From the 
Media Fails Dept.


A baker's dozen of examples of goofed-up grammar, 
shocking sentence structure,  and pathetic punctuation
from all over the Internet


 Chelsea Gilmour, Consortium News, Oct17|15

According to Chelsea, Obama has been in power for almost a century.  Time for some new blood. 

  Harry Readhead, Metro, Jun14|15

Normally one would suspect this article of being a product placement scam, but if every one who reads it goes out an eats just 10g of peanuts, it probably wouldn't even add up to a full jar.
A guy opens the door in his underwear: "Whaddaya want?"

Car Guys, Weekly Puzzler

Think about this sick guy. . . the door in his underwear goes where?  And who/what can he possibly be talking to? 

Tim Stelloh, NBCNews Oct27|15

Women with knives are the last ones you want to follow . . . unless they're headed to a NBCNews Republican debate, of course. 

Brad Lendon & Barbara Starr, CNN Oct29|15

This is just a tiny part of Barbara Starr's relentless attack on Putin.  You'd think she'd brush up on her ESL notes before taking on Putin.

RT, Oct31|15, anon

A "comeback" is, by definition, never futile. It's when you come from behind to win. Besides, the Ozzies lost 34-17, so how "impressive" could it have been?

Gizmodo, Oct31|15 Maddie Stone

This gem is Maddie Stone blathering about an asteroid. The only mystery here is what inane thought Maddie was trying to convey, exclamation mark notwithstanding!

Lynda Cohen, Nov02|15, Press of Atlantic City

There is one complete sentence in the middle of this "paragraph."  I have no idea what the other two collections of words ending in periods are.  

IBTimes, Johnlee Varghese, Dec07|14

It were 12 years of public education that were totally wasted on Johnlee. 

DM Nov03|15 Ellie Zolfagharifard

In a case of compounded stupidity, here are 4 examples from a single Daily Mail article quoting The Weather Channel, as if either the DM or TWC by itself was not frightening enough.  

These are screen-grabs.  All the screw-ups are original, as in the missing period in "a."  

Unfortunately, we have met Ellie before

AP, Don Babwin, Nov04|15, published by HuffPo

And speaking of compound stupidity, who gets credit for this one -- Babwin, his AP editor, or the editors at HuffPo? 

I have no earthly idea what grammatical structure those 11 words and 2 numbers at the end represent. 

Daytona Beach News-Journal, Dominique Brown, Nov04|15

Dominique has deleted the "Yale" comma, which is a matter of taste.  She has also deleted an apostrophe, which is not. 

RT, Nov06, anon

It's crappy grammar like this that explains why RT doesn't identify its writers.


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