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In a free state every man can think what he wants and say what he thinks. Spinoza

~ November 22, 2015 ~

Getting Serious
Sometimes the glib banter just doesn't cut it

Naftali Bennett

Bennett: "Anyone who lifts a hand against Israel must die."
My pictorial response

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.

The fact that control of the American corporate media is dominated by News Jews like Stu Schwartz, Ben Sherwood, Michael Bloomberg, Lesslie Moonvie, and  Jeff Zuker almost guarantees that you have never heard of Fadi Hoosh, a 22-yo Palestinian man who was torched and burnt to a crisp this week in the garbage dump of Kafr Kanna in the West Bank by Israeli settlers. 

Fadi Hoosh

 It was another "price tag" attack, which is the name given to terrorist attacks carried out by Israeli settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank intended to drive Palestinians out of their homeland.  "Price tag" because such is the price the Palestinians pay for refusing to flee their homeland.  

American media don't carry most of these terrorist attacks by iJews, which happen virtually every day, although not all of them are fatal.  But of course, American corporate media -- Jewish controlled media -- are very quick to report on any knife attacks by Palestinians, which are understandable responses to the price tag murders.  Because Americans only get one side of the larger Palestine/Israel story, they are understandably left with the impression that the poor iJews are victims of crazed Palestinians.  Therein is the power of controlling the media, which is to say, controlling the message.

A lot of cable-dependent Americans didn't even hear about the murder of the Dawabsheh family in July of this year. This was a Palestinian family burnt to death in a price tag attack in Duma near Nablus. The story made the European news, primarily because the son, Ali, was only 18-months old. Instead of arresting the murders, the IDF and Shin Bet raided the homes of other members of the Dawabsheh family, thus punishing them all for being Palestinians. It's the way the Government of Israel (GoI) does things. It's what passes for "justice" in Israel. As far as busting the perps, there has "been little progress."

Sa'ad, Riham, and Ali Dawabsheh

Not that it would matter one whit if the Moltov, price-tagger Jews were caught.  In July 2014 price-taggers snatched 16-yo Mohammed Abu Khdeir off of a street in occupied East Jerusalem and torched him.  Three settlers admitted committing the crime.  But just as the arrests were being made, Netanyahu attacked Gaza in what certainly was a successful ploy to deflect international attention from what was happening in the West Bank.  The three confessed criminals were arraigned on Jul27|14.  The sham trial is not yet over.  Insanity is the plea.  Maybe they'll get community service.  

And the reason I say it is that soon after Khdeir's murder, his 15-yo American cousin Tariq was badly beaten by Israeli soldiers, not realizing they were being filmed.  Another cousin, Mohammad, was arrested and is still in prison under administrative detention, well over a year now without having been charged.  Again, GoI's way of responding to murders of Palestinians killed by price-taggers is to punish the victims' families.  This is "justice" in Israel. This is what passes for GoI democratic principles that American politicians, like Hillary Clinton, keep babbling about before every election.

Justice: the anonymous Israeli cop who beat Tariq Khdeir to a pulp was sentenced this week by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court to 6 weeks  community service.  By way of contrast, Palestinian kids who throw rocks at Israeli soldiers can now be fired upon with life ammo, and they can be put in prison if they are apprehended.  In July this year, Mohammad Kasbeth, 17, was shot in the back while running away from IDF troopers. The triggerman, Col. Yisrael Shomer, justified the killing by saying the boy had been throwing rocks and the colonels' life was at risk.  I have never heard of an Israeli soldier (or civilian) being killed by a rock.  Helmets, kevlar vests, armored vehicles -- it would have to be a hell of a rock.  Besides, the Kasbeth boy was running away, suggesting that the colonel was a vicious prick with a gun and a hatred of Palestinians.  IMO that pretty well describes the IDF, per se.  

That's apartheid life in the West Bank.  In just the last two months GoI soldiers and settlers have killed about 100 Palestinians -- most were under 19 yo, 18 were children, 4 were girls.  On the GoI side of the tally sheet, 16 soldiers and settlers have been killed over the same period, and 4 of those by IDF forces and settlers mistaking Israelis for Arabs.  This is the ugly face of Israeli apartheid.  

Apartheid -- this brings us to the subject of this post: a far-right, slime-ball GoI cabinet member named Naftali Bennett.  Bennett went out of his way back in July to congratulate kiddie-killer Col. Yisrael Shomer for killing the Kasbeth boy.  "This is how a commander in the IDF should act." said Bennett -- yeah, shoot kids in the back.  It's the Israeli way. 

This comment was pure Naftali Bennett.  In 2013 Bennett, who is himself a reserve IDF officer, objected to a release of Palestinian prisoners brokered by Kerry.  "If you catch terrorists," Bennett said, "you simply have to kill them."  When GoI National Security Adviser Ya'akov Amidror pointed out the obvious -- that murder by a state is illegal -- Bennett boasted "I've killed lots of Arabs in my life -- and there's no problem with that."  [There are many versions of this exchange.  See Mairav Zonszein of +972 quoting Yedioth Ahronoth.]  

But Bennett was just warming up his racist rhetoric.  Just last Wednesday Bennett said during a cabinet meeting that more Arabs should be killed.  And he added: 

"Anyone who lifts a hand against Israel must die."

So in memory of Mohammad Abu Khedier, the Dawabsheh family, Mohammad Kasbeth, Fadi Hoosh, and thousands and thousands of other Palestinians murdered by GoI uniformed terrorists like Shomer and Bennett since the 1930's, I respond to Mr. Bennett's foul threat by figuratively lifting my own hand against Israel.



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