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Remembering James Foley for what he was:
a hero on many levels

Karina Bland  has published a beautifully written piece in AZ Central extolling the life of an American hero: James Foley, who is widely believed to have been decapitated by Daesh ghouls in Syria on or about Aug19|2015.  Bland describes Foley through the eyes of one of his former students from a school in an under-privileged neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ. It is clear that Foley was a hero on many levels because he was raised with highest values and respect for human life and he lived those values.  

Bland's article caught my attention because I consider myself a Foley-expert in a very, very limited manner of speaking.  In October, 2014  I wrote a long, frame-by-frame analysis of the Daesh video that purported to show the last few minutes of  Foley's life and his decapitation. On the basis of that analysis I, too, concluded that Foley was a hero.  See I Wish I Was an American.  Bland focused on Foley's heroism in becoming a role-model for young people in a poor neighborhood short on fathers.  I focused on Foley's heroism in a more classical sense: his enormous personal courage and cool-headedness while on his knees in the moments before his execution.  

It is imperative that we keep in our minds and hearts both views of Foley.  Let me just review the main points I discovered in my analysis of the Daesh execution video. 

  • The Foley decapitation video was produced in six segments, not necessarily in the same order in which they are spliced together.  Three, maybe four, of the segments were produced at the same place and on the same day.

  • Foley's soliloquy "denouncing" the U.S. was scripted.  He was almost certainly reading from cue cards as the camera rolled.  I found the entire script of what he was supposed to say on the Daesh website "Dabiq," Issue #3.  

  • Before finding the complete script, I could not make sense of the last words Foley actually says on the video: "I wish I was an American."  I mean the dude was an American, why would he tell the world he wishes he was one?  But, according to the complete script, what he was supposed to say was "I wish I wasn't an American."  IOW, Foley subtly turned a propaganda vid against America into a patriotic vid for America right before the Daesh pricks' eyes, and they were too stupid to catch what he was doing. 

  • Foley made additional, very significant, edits to the script on the fly, while he was on his knees in front of the camera.  In fact, about half of the intended soliloquy was cut from the final vid, suggesting that Foley intentionally mangled what he was supposed to say.

  • There are two distinct versions of the actual "decapitation" part of the vid, suggesting that one or both versions are fakes.  The decapitation itself, if there was one, is never actually shown.  Nor is it possible to positively identify the decapitated body shown near the end of the video as Foley's.  Perhaps the USG has additional evidence confirming Foley's murder, but just on the basis of this video and what Daesh published in Dabiq, there are grounds for reasonable doubt that Foley was, in fact, decapitated.  Over a year later, the body has never been recovered, as far as I have been able to ascertain.

  • Eliot Higgins claims to have located on Google Earth satellite images the precise spot where Foley was decapitated.  A little common sense and a careful analysis of shadow angles and scenery establishes beyond any doubt that Higgins is full of crap, as he has been repeatedly in the past with respect to his anti-Assad, pro-terrorist allegations.  This in turn causes one to wonder about who Higgins really is, who he is supported by, why he keeps publishing false information, and -- most of all -- why the main stream media rely on him the way they do.      


Dec19|2013 -- Amnesty International report on Daesh torture

Oct31|2015 -- James Harkin, The fight to save James Foley, The Telegraph

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