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Wolin embodied the qualities Weber ascribes to the hero. He struggled against forces he knew he could not vanquish. He never wavered in the fight as an intellectual and, more important, in the fight as a citizen. He was one of the first to explain to us the transformation of our capitalist democracy into a new species of totalitarianism.
-- Chris Hedges, eulogy for Sheldon Wolin

~ Dec01, 2015 ~

From the 
Disgraceful Journalism Dept.

iJew settler, price-tagger, and psychopathic prick
Yosef Haim Ben-David

Twisted timelines as a basis for dishonest journalism

Denis O'Brien, PhD 

When it comes to reporting current events, the timeline is everything.  Even if it's not laid out in a proper linear fashion, the sequence of the facts represents the skeleton upon which everything else must hang.  When a story doesn't quite make sense or is incomplete, the problem can almost always be traced back to an incomplete or twisted timeline.  And when you want to sniff out a bogus, biased, or dishonest piece of journalism, home in on the timeline presented to be sure you aren't being spoofed on the basic facts and their sequence.  

Any reputable reporter knows all of this, just as disreputable reporters know that by screwing around with the timeline they can make points or take positions that are not be warranted by the facts.  A good example of using a fudged timeline to doctor a story is yesterday's AP article by Tel Aviv-based news-Jew Daniella Cheslow regarding the trial of Yosef Haim Ben David and the convictions of his two ghoulish buddies in Israel for the torture and murder last year of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir.   

Khdeir was a 16-yo Palestinian kid who was guilty of nothing but was snatched off a sidewalk in Jerusalem in July|2014 by Ben David, who has become the poster boy for these toxic iJew settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  Khdeir on his simply on his way to morning prayers.  He was taken to a remote spot, forced to drink petrol, and then torched.  Cheslow doesn't give us all these facts and not once does she refer to Khdeir's murder as regretful or ghoulish.  Au contraire, she relies on Shin Bet's opinion, which makes Khdeir's horrible death sound almost justified because it "was in revenge for the abduction and horrific killing of three Israeli teens -- Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel -- by Hamas operatives in the West Bank."  

But note: the Yifrah, Shaar, and Fraenkel were shot whereas Khdeir was tortured and torched, and yet Cheslow refers to the former killings, not Khdeir's, as "horrific."  It's as if no matter how grisly the murder of a Palestinian may be at the hands of Jews, the only murders that are deemed "horrific" in Cheslow's article -- and in the Jew-dominated corporate media in general -- are those in which the Jews are victims.  

But worse, Cheslow truncates the timeline of this story in order to make it appear that the killing of the three Jewish boys by the Palestinians was where the cycle of murder began and the retaliatory killing of Khdeir was the end of the cycle.  With this timeline she subtly pushes the Shin Bet point that Khdeir's murder was, if not warranted, then at least understandable.  But let's back it up and look at the entire relevant timeline.


Nakba Day is commemorated by Palestinians on May15, Israel's so-called "Independence Day."  Nakba Day is held in remembrance of the theft by terrorism of the Palestinian homeland by the Jews, leading to the "Jewish State."  The word means  "The Day of the Catastrophe."  

In 2014 Nakba Day was marked by the murder of two unarmed Palestinian boys -- Nadeem Nawara and Mohammad Daher (Odeh) -- by Israeli forces adjacent the Israeli Ofer Prison near Beitunia in the West BankLogoPhere  The murders were caught on eight CCTV cameras and clearly show that neither of the Palestinian youths was armed, neither was a threat to anyone, and one, Daher, was shot in the back.  CNN cameras caught the murders from the other end -- the Israeli soldiers squeezing off the rounds.  These must have been two of the most highly videoed murders in history.  Here  Here   


Three days short of a month later -- on Jun12|2014 -- the three iJew settler boys Cheslow refers to were picked up while hitchhiking about 15 miles south of Beitunia, where the Palestinian boys were murdered.  Netanyahu immediately blamed the kidnapping on Hamas, which operates in Gaza, not the West Bank.  On Jun30 the bodies of the settlers were found; they had been shot soon after their abduction and the bodies dumped barely 6 miles away.  The iJews went bonkers: they tore up and destroyed Palestinian homes; they arrested hundreds of Palestinians, including virtually all of the Hamas leadership; they gunned down at least 5 Palestinians in addition to two of the suspects.  Netyanhu called this -- if you can believe it -- "Operation Brother's Keeper."  Guardian   And this was just the official GoI response, the iJew settlers caused even more havoc.


On Jul02|2014, two days after the bodies of the kidnapped settlers were found, 16-yo Mohammad Abu Khdeir -- who had absolutely nothing to do with the kidnapping or murders -- was randomly snatched off the street by the three iJew settlers led by Ben David.  It was 3:45am and Khdeir was on his way to morning prayers, as the prick iJews knew the Palestinians would be at that time of day. By tracing his cell phone, the Israeli cops found Khdeir's scorched body within an hour of the abduction.  The phone was later found in the home of one of the suspects.  They have all confessed; following conviction, Ben David pled insanity.  Autopsy showed that Khdeir had been forced to drink petrol and had been alive when he was set on fire.  This was what the iJews call a "price-tag" killing: it's part of the price the Palestinians pay for refusing to give up their homeland to the Jews.  The iJew settlers torching the Dawabsheh family a year later near Nablus is another example of price-tag killing.  Most of these attacks are not reported in the American Jew-dominated corporate media.   


There were multiple other price tag and/or retaliatory attacks by iJews on Palestinians in the West Bank following the abduction/murder of the three iJew settler boys. There was an attempted kidnapping of 7-yo Muhammad Ali al-KiswaniTariq Ziad Zuhdi Adeli was kidnapped, sprayed with petrol, and attacked with a hatchet.  A 13-yo Palestinian boy went missing and, apparently, still is.  Mohammad Khdeir's 15-yo cousin, Tariq Khdeir, was severely beaten by Israeli cops while he was handcuffed and pinned to the ground.  Three other of Mohammad's cousins were put in prison under "administrative detention" and are still there.  One of the cousins is an American but Obama's administration doesn't really seem to care that an American citizen is subjected to Israeli apartheid-style "justice."  Several Palestinians were run over by iJew settlers, for instance a 10-yo Palestinian child, Adam al-Risheq. Settlers attempted to kidnap the 11-yo son of Muhammad Khaled al-Zaghl.  Kate at Mondoweiss has documented scores of these attacks by iJew settlers on Palestinians.


Given that Operation Brother's Keeper was such a rousing, bloody success, Netanyahu next initiated "Operation Protective Edge" against Hamas in Gaza in retaliation for the kidnapping/killing of the three iJew settlers.  Well over 2000 Palestinians were killed and over 11,000 were wounded -- 75% of the casualties were civilians.  Over a half-million Palestinians in Gaza were displaced because their homes had been destroyed.

~ ~ ~

Now, we could certainly extend this timeline from 2014 in both directions -- 80 years backwards from Khdeir's murder to when the Jewish terrorists began running Palestinians out of Palestine, and 18 months forward to the present when Palestinians who have had enough of GoI's murderous apartheid are responding with knife attacks.  But the timeline I have presented here is directly connected to the story that Daniella Cheslow wrote for AP.  And  so, dig this: Here we are in Nov|2015 looking back at those months of carnage and massive attacks on Palestinians in 2014 and yet Cheslow presents just a tiny portion of this timeline in her AP article and concludes that the "horrific" part was the killing of the three iJew settlers. 

That's the power of a twisted timeline.  It's called "dishonest journalism."   


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